Payment Rejected: But cannot go back to order screen to try different card

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by Marlana, May 9, 2019.

  1. Marlana

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    Hi, RedFox. What do you put for the required field for Issuing Bank when you use a prepaid card that is NOT issued by any bank. I'm in Canada. Thanks!
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  2. Ivan

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    Hi Mariana,

    Just enter something like "Debit Card".

    BTW: if your checkout is blocked by a former "hanging" order, just close the browser to destroy the session cookie or open this link to destroy the cart in session cookie:

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  3. Marlana

    Marlana New Member

    Looks like "Debit Card" doesn't cut it. Neither does the actual name of the company providing the service. And I can't just put any old bank name down that is in operation in my country because the credit card number isn't going to match it.

    I wanted to do a prepaid credit card, but according to RedFox accounting, it seems a lot of cards will not be supported on sites like this. I have settled on opening accounts for Bitcoin trading and a wallet, so I can just pay that way.

    Edit... used Bitcoin, and processed my payment that way.
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