Paw Patrol USA [2013] s1e2-5,7 ISBN 1-4157-7647-4

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    Disk has some very light scratches. I have tried 3 different disk readers.

    I also use DVD Decrypter & DVD Shrink 3.2, neither would load disk with or with-out AnyDVD.

    AnyDVD 'Default' settings- Copy hesitates at 28% (TitleSet 9), enters 'Repairing defective DVD structure', which stops at 88% with error message 'PS 10 VOBU 4 961774 193 Clone 6'.

    AnyDVD 8181 Logfile was slightly larger (more info?) so I included it.

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    Try a different disk. That's an older (long handled) title.
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    From the log

    HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GP65NB60 PF00 J026701 K5HH3M83716 Drive (Hardware) Region: 0 (not set!)

    Set your drive hardware region and try again. EXIT AnyDVD COMPLETELY before you go into device manager

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    That is great, but after two years I doubt it is an issue to the OP any longer.