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    Damn. I just tried to partition my laptop HDD so I could install Ubuntu. When resizing my Windows install, it locked up and I had to cancel it. Upon reboot, I was told I needed to use startup repair. I try this, but it asks to insert my copy of Vista. Well, I tried both an OEM version and retail version of Vista but apparently it will not load either one as it just goes back to the Windows boot screen and then goes blank. Looks like I am screwed unless I take the HDD out of the laptop and connect it to my desktop and work on it. I know this has nothing to do with Slysoft but I would appreciate any help.

    EDIT: I inserted the Ubuntu CD and I am installing Ubuntu now to the whole HDD without resizing. I guess I can just use Ubuntu only on the laptop.
    EDIT: Ubuntu was installed successfully. w00t!
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