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    As a few folks have already reported, when trying to rip/copy the main movie (CloneBD, e.g. St. Vincent, every thing looks fine until you hit "Go". The process starts, but finishes after only 15 Mb has been ripped. Tried the same thing using the Complete copy function, and got farther, maybe a couple of gigs get ripped, and the same thing happens, the program says it is finished. when I was looking at the preview of the complete movie rip, it looks like it was the deleted scenes(?). Oddly, getting back to the "partial" movie only attempt, if you play the main movie preview clip in the large preview pane, the movie seems to be play correctly.

    Using AnyDVD and ImgBurn, St. Vincent ripped, burned, and played flawlessly, only I had to use a DL disk to record maybe 31 GB. Here's my first attempt at uploading logfiles -here goes:

    View attachment ST_VINCENT_Complete View attachment ST_VINCENT

    I hope that did it. If not, I'll have to look at that logfile upload tutorial again. Thanks for any info.

    - Bill

    For some reason, I'm not getting the selected automatic CloneBD update notification, but noticed there is a version, so I updated from my So I opened my St. Vincent (complete) ISO file, chose the Partial(Main feature) selection, and started the process. I only viewed 2-3% of the Preview of the rip, but the prob I had seems to have been corrected. Seems to be working. Thanks for the good work, guys! Hopefully, everything is good now.
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