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Parental Controls in CloneDVD???


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Feb 22, 2007
:confused: I recently installed a new DVD-burner. Since the install, I now get this "blue screen" that says ""The parental settings of this player prohibits play. Would you like to allow this disc to play?" There are boxes that you can click with the mouse one for "yes" and one for "no" and the only one that works is "no".

I can't find anything in CloneDVD that has parental settings, or AnyDVD, but I thought maybe one of the updates I've added recently did this.

Has anyone else encountered this problem or has any ideas where the parental controls are? In Windows? AnyDVD? CloneDVD?
Parental Controls

Sounds like a program that was loaded when you put the new burner in. I assume it came with a CD or DVD and had software and drivers on it. Probably is a program that plays the movie like WinDVD or whatever version they use. Might check to see what programs were recently installed.