Paramount+ Via AP: Star Trek: Short Treks not all downloadable

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by The Roadie, May 10, 2022.

  1. The Roadie

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    Short Treks are mini-episodes from Discovery - three from Season 1, for instance. Only the first one "Runaway" shows up in the downloadable videos list, and it appears without its title or synopsis.
  2. Don922

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    I can confirm. Attached is a log file.

    @The Roadie - Always include a log file when reporting issues.

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    If they are listed as extras or something, it is a known issue that they are not downloadable. However, the devs should know about it by now.
  4. Jimc115

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    Unfortunately....Paramount doesn't have them numbered or titled by episode. They are all simply called "Star Trek Short Treks". All 10 are titled the same.
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  5. The Roadie

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    What I see: (titled but not numbered, and listed under "Extras")

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  6. Jimc115

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    Sorry....I should have been more specific....they are titled on the webpage, but the actual downloads are all titled the same....Star Trek Short Treks.