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    No plans to move they are happy with HDDVD read link below

    I find it funny warners say how bad blu-ray is compared to hddvd (which is main reason paramount left in 1st place) and say we hope/pray blu-ray will be fixed sometime soon.

    Hope their wrong and come MAY08 they change there mind when blu-ray players still dont deliver menu content.
    If anything is going to kill off any new format its public having little confidence that their players wont work with discs of tomorrow.

    Laptop/PC sales, release of internal HDDVD (which I own) plus all the HDDVD players bundles sould hopefully see HDDVD disc sales increase.

    Come on you REDS (red is colour of HDDVD disc box).

    PS. Support paramount and buy their discs I can recomend Star Trek Original HDDVD its SUPERB!
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    I Am still waiting for the StarTrek Ultimate Collection. Every StarTrek Movie Remastered in HDDVD...
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    The star trek original series HDDVD was very exciting for Parament, they even had Odeon Cinema's open up and play it to show off the quality and more inportantly the superb menu system.

    I went to the event. Very surreal.

    I bet the movies will get the same treatment.:agree:
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    Engadget are notorious for misreporting articles. And Paramount themselves have officially stated that they are staying with HD DVD.
    All of these articles are based on rumour with no official statements to back them up.
    The Xbox 360 is quite capable of having a Blu-ray drive added if they enable it so I'd say paying out less than £100 for an HD DVD was a great idea, and if Blu takes off then you can just buy an addon for that instead. I'd say MS did the best thing. at least it didn't limit you to just the 1 format
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    Taking the mick means make fun of.

    When I was referring to 360 people I meant that because they had to dive head first and get a standalone HD DVD drive to experience High Def. Now they'll either have to splash out on a BluRay one for their console, if there will be one and if there won't be or they don't want to then be limited by the number of titles that will come out on both formats, which rules out the majority of blockbusters.

    I'm glad that I haven't got a PS3 yet because of the firmware updates, prices and various models being out there. When it's all settled it'll be in my shopping basket.
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    In that one they aren't talking about fact, they are talking about rumours. And rumours have a chance of becoming facts. Just like they did with Warner.

    Paramount said that they are staying with HD DVD FOR NOW, they have no choice because of a contract. But that contract has a get out clause if Warner turned blue. So eventually Paramount will have no choice but to go AT LEAST neutral if not completely blue.

    Sure MS might enable BluRay, in fact I can almost bet on it. The price of a stand alone XBOX360 HD DVD drive will tumble and it might turn out to be a bargain. But if you bought XBOX360, stand alone HD DVD and "maybe-it-will-come-out" BluRay then it would set you back quite a bit. I'd hazard a guess maybe even more than a PS3 + one of those cheap HD DVD players from Toshiba.

    Some more bed time reading for you folks:
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    And yet other sources claim the license renewal is due at the end of this month. Instead of rumour and guess work why not wait until the official word from the studio instead of continually posting links to sites with no official statements
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    While the rumours are whether and when a studio will go which way are pure guesswork, there are facts like presence or absence of exclusivity clauses and approximate dates of contracts ending. I think it's worth reading just for that. One thing for sure, you just can't go wrong with Blue at the moment :)
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    Even the comments about clauses etc are guess work as no one has the actual facts or dates. Some say it's already gone others say it's the end of the month. All of these articles are running on pure speculation
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    No one knows for sure because the info is confidential but approximate dates by reliable (matter of opinion) sources don't have to be taken with a pinch of salt. There is no denying that Paramount will support BluRay. When and the extent of exclusivity remains to be seen, but they will. They are in this business to make money and this is a damn good opportunity to do so.