Panasonic BD30 ISOs not working

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  1. davidc78au

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    Hi Everyone

    I need a bit of help

    ive owned a samsung bdp 1400 and a ps3 and never had any dramas playing back my blu rays burned from iso actually nero nrg images i make

    What am i doing wrong as the Panasonic bd 30 ( pal) loads up my 25gb and 50gb blank r/e

    the way im making them is via nero 8 im changing the udf to 2.50 and brinig over just the bdmv folder not the certificate folder just bdmv and making a nrg file

    Im burning with imgburn and all goes well stick it in machine and it loads and reads the disc and then says play then STOP goes back to panasonic screen

    Any ideas on what i could do to make this playable

    1 thing i should mention i use ts remux to rid of all menus and other audio i dont need so goes from 30 gb to like 15gb then i use nero

    thanks in advance
  2. toejams123

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    Most Standalone Blu-ray players don't playback BD-R and BD-RE media, as you most probably realise the PS3 does.
  3. davidc78au

    davidc78au Member

    thanks for that all the other players in shop

    sharp samsung etc all played my 25gb and 50gb discs media but this bugger doesnt

    Im thinking im not doing something right as this maybe a bit picky with how a disc is made and burned

  4. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    Not true, most standalone players DO play back BD-r and BD-re, but you need to check before buying
  5. toejams123

    toejams123 Member

    50/50 then.
  6. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    nope much more than 50/50, Players that don't play back BD-r are in the minority these days