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Pal to NTSC


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Feb 13, 2007
What's the best and easiest way to convert Pal to NTSC. I've red soooo many different ways with soooo many different software combinations, I'm totally confused. I would love to "JUST" use slysoft software:agree: , but alas... its not possible... is it?
Nero Vision will convert PAL to NTSC, its slow and takes a while but does a pretty good job at it. I have only done it about 4 or 5 times.
Thanks Tplat, It took about two hours, but it did it!!!! :bowdown:

Thanks again,
Thanks Tplat, It took about two hours, but it did it!!!! :bowdown:

Thanks again,

Like I said it does take Nero Vision a while but it does a pretty good job at converting PAL to NTSC.
I use VOBBlanker (http://jsoto.posunplugged.com/vobblanker.htm). It's FREE and it works really quickly for me, as in 60-90 seconds to convert something. I use it all the time when sending region 1 stuff to my friends in Australia (region 4 PAL).

To change something from NTSC to PAL (or vice versa) you simply open the DVD up in vobblanker, tell it where on your hard drive you want to save the converted files, right-click over each title to bring up a shortcut menu that contains the choice, "video attrib", click on "video attrib" and choose "PAL" by "unchoosing" NTSC (or vice versa). Click on "Process All" when done and vobblanker will convert all.

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