PAL to NTSC conversion

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by vladsmythe, Jan 28, 2007.

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    A guy in an electronics store told me to use anydvd for pal to ntsc conversion.
    I am at a loss to find this software useful. The best conversion software I've found so far is convertx2dvd, but the results are still not as good as playing back a dvd on a pal compliant deck to a free standing recorder. This software is on my computer, but I have no idea why I need it. Two questions - Is anydvd useful for any application at all?...Does anyone know of good, I mean EXCELLENT conversion software?
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  3. James

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    AnyDVD does remove regional coding, but it doesn't do PAL/NTSC conversion, sorry.
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    I bought a Russian Film "Rota9" in PAL format, it plays on all my DVD players except my flagship Sony. To play on my Sony, I used the AV inputs on a DVD player that worked recorded the film only to my Magnavox DVD recorder, no menu or subtitles, and now I have a NTSC backup to play on the Sony, I just bought DVDSanta to convert Microsoft media to DVD but have not used it yet. I may try to convert the PAL to NTSC today to try.
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    Reformatting NTSC to PAL is indeed a major ordeal if you want to retain all the extras including subtitles, extras and menu's. If you can live with just the film without language choices or subtitles, the easiest way to accomplish this is with Nero Vision 4.
    Decrypt the main movie then add to Nero vision. On the botton of Nero is a "more" button that allows you to pick NTSC or PAL. Several mpre options also. Best to read the tutorial.
    After the movie has been added you can use Nero to author a decent DVD with menu's.
    Rendering will take some time, so best to start in the evening and allow Nero to do it's thing while you sleep.
    You can either save to hard drive or set to burn when done.
    If you really want to start a major project, you can find detailed directions using TMPGEnc software with several other needed tools in other forums. Think someone on afterdawn posted it once.
    If anyone wants more detailed directions using Nero, feel free to contact me.
    Hope this helps.
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    I was surprized that the original PAL played without problems in 90% of my DVD players I finally figured out how to make a NTSC copy so it will play everywhere now.
  7. MacTheRipper

    I'm using MacTheRipper on my iMac and you simply click a check in a box. I'm not sure if there is a version for Windows but you can google it, mac is usually friendly with making things compatible with Windows. It is unfortunate that Microsoft doesn't return the courtesy. I use a Windows PC as well as a Mac but my Sony Vaio came with it's own conversion software. The Sony software a quite pricey.
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    PAL format

    i have been unable to make a backup copy using AnyDVD of my DVD which is in a PAL format. i have tried all 3 buttons. is this a format that AnyDVD cannot copy?

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    I use convertx2dvd and fine it does a good job of converting PAL-> NTSC. Not sure of the other way around.
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    PAL > NTSC is not an anydvd format to break, it's a video standard format, ie; cross continent (UK = PAL, US = NTSC)
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    I use Nero Ultra 7 to convert PAL to NTSC, I think it was Nero Vision part, I havent done it in a while but it is time consuming.
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    To convert PAL to NTSC I use ConvertXtoDVD and it works great.
    Saves multiple audio formats selectable via menu or remote.
    Saves Subtitles selectable via menu or remote.
    You lose the original menu.
    It can create a new menu with Chapters (every 5 mins), Settings, and Play.

    Couldn't be much simpler.

    1. Using AnyDVD, save to hard disk, stripping region if your player requires.
    2. Drag main IFO file from disk copy to ConvertXto DVD.
    3. Put blank DVD in burner.
    4. If you specify 4300 output size it will shrink DL to fit on single layer disk.
    Quality is still fine

    I have used to convert many BBC region 2 PAL disks.
    On my PC seems to convert in less than half the normal play time.
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    AnyDVD removes copy protection so a backup can be made, it is not a copy program. With AnyDVD running in the background you can use CloneDVD or CloneCD (1:1 only) to make a back-up.