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    Found a great thread that worked for me and it only took a few minutes.
    I purchased (Ebay) a copy of the old Blaxplotation movie called Cleopatra Jones The Casino Of Gold Region 2 from Australia. I live in region 1 and has no idea what NSTC and Pal meant, the DVD now plays perfect after using the patch and it only took me a few minutes. The sound is perfectly phased with the actors and there is no jitter with the movie.

    I am using the new Toshiba A30 HD DVD player and a Samsung 61" HD TV.

    Update: Movie will not play in my 5 year old Sony.
    Movie plays in my Panosonic, but lots of pixelation and very unstable, sound seems O.K.
    Conclusion: Must use a HD DVD Player!!! Perfect picture and sound.
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    Just get an Oppo 981HD