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Discussion in 'ReClock' started by James, Jul 29, 2010.

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    I've compared the 25p blu-ray release of Wonders of the Solar System (BBC docu) and its 24p versions. Narrator Brian Cox's voice and (I think) the on-location audio is pitched down for the 24p versions, but the soundtrack's music is different, so apparently there's mixed content. If you want Cox's voice right, you have to speed up the music, and vice versa.

    Damn BBC changing everything for the American versions. At least they kept the main narrator's voice now, but probably only cause he's in the video talking.
  2. When you say theoretically, do you mean "there could be made a function for this" or do you mean "there is a way to do this in the current version of ReClock"?

    If there is a way, could you explain it to me?

    (I know of the problems with the compression on the discs, so I don't think it would be much worse than it is now?)
  3. James

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    As I said:
    No, unfortunately there isn't.
  4. Aha! I got it. If you go into the "Configure ReClock" executable, under the "Audio settings" tab there is a function called "Time Stretching". Enable that and enable "when slowing down". Now you can watch pitch-corrected PAL DVDs with x1.00 pitch and x0.96 stretch (meaning correct pitch and correct playback speed).
    So, it is possible.
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    They've finally forced everyone to move to DVB in here, and we can finally get the original soundtracks and not those pathetic dubs anymore. But, ofc they're PAL spedup...and this is utterly pointless, as they all sound like chipmunks duh. TV is so yesterday anyway, chipmunks US shows, moronics ads, retarded TV shows for lobotomized sheeps...this is it, this thing is only good enough to hear the news from time to time.

    I think I read some ppl stating that they were using DVB computer cards through Reclock, I wonder if that'd really work.
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    I am watching quite a lot of TV on my HTPC, and ReClock works just fine with MediaPortal (I have two registry shortcuts to quickly switch it between video and movie). :agree:
    We get the 4 BBC TV channels on DVB-C in Wallonia and combined with Arte, the programming with original soundtrack is quite nice, plus the odd foreign film from time to time on RTBF 3 (not in HD yet for those channels however :( ).
    You are right about the rest though, the programming on those french and belgian main national channels is not worth a look.
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    so you can actually get 25@24fps goodness in realtime? no hiccup or nothing?
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    Well, for a start TV isn't really real-time anyway as timeshifting is always on, so you always got at least 3-5 seconds of buffer available which is sufficient for ReClock, and secondly if you use it in speeddown mode for a movie then it runs slower than the TV stream so yes, no hiccups (with MediaPortal anyway, didn't try other TV solutions).