PAL <=> NTSC and "AnyDVDRipper"

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    1. A conversion PAL <=> NTSC (in both directions) would be a great feature for SlySoft products. So why not add it to AnyDVD/-HD, CloneCD, CloneDVD/-Mobile?

    2. One could it also add to the "AnyDVDRipper," and the latter could also have the following options:

    a) Ripping of Audio-CDs (when I made this suggestion first, I was told to use CloneCD for copying CDs, but why does AnyDVD have its own DVD ripper when there is CloneDVD for copying DVDs :confused: ? Since AnyDVD supports BOTH Video-DVDs AND Audio-CDs, I think it is only "fair and consistent" :agree: if the AnyDVDRipper could also rip Audio-CDs to harddisk.

    b) The Ripper of "AnyDVD-HD" should also rip HD and Blu-Ray discs.

    c) A little "Preview" option to play Video-DVDs, Audio-CDs, HD and Blu-Ray discs (with full screen and audio).

    I hope you will find the suggestions useful and add them soon.
    Many greetings :) ,

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    You can use Windows Explorer to rip audio cds. AnyDVD-HD has HD in it, not Blu-Ray, so Blu-Ray will not be implemented right now.
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    Who wants pal audio speedup in converted footage?

    Or NTSC judder from bad telecines?

    Better to leave it alone and dont do post processing where it isnt needed.

    I like how AnyDVD is light and agile. It integrates nicely to the OS. It does do anything it doesnt need too. It removes DVD DRM technologies seamlessly and reliably. You can use other tools for post processing if your really keen on it.
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    World Peace would be a good option also....:D
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    If this ever were to be added, it would probably be added to Clonedvdmobile first, since that seems to be Slysoft's conversion utility.
    At least it makes more sense to me that such a feature would be added to that program first, before any of the others you mentioned.

    It's to help with DVDs that Anydvd can't completely solve on-the-fly.

    Anydvd-HD does not support Blu-Ray. Anydvd does rip HD-DVDs.

    This might possibly happen with Clonedvd2 (but not for cds or Blu-Ray, yet anyway).
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