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  1. ahough

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    I had a football game on my TV's DVR. I recorded this onto a DVD-R disc and wanted to edit out the commercials. I used CloneDVD mobile to convert the video on this disk to an NTSC MPEG2 file. While using Pinnacle Studio to edit out the commercials, I noticed that 'PAL VIDEO' was being displayed on the toolbar. I continued anyway and squeezed the video onto a disk using Nero Recode.

    Problem: My Panasonic DMR-ES25 DVD player says this disk is incompatible however it plays fine in my computer.

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  2. lostinlodos

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    The disc is probably still in PAL format and you're playing it on an NTSC player.
  3. ahough

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    The point is that I had selected NTSC. Why did this happen?
  4. Webslinger

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    Clonedvd mobile doesn't convert PAL to NTSC
  5. ahough

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    My original material was NTSC. I selected NTSC for the conversion using CloneDVD mobile. Somehow I apparently got PAL. This is my question.
  6. lostinlodos

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    Most likely you have something set incorrectly in Pinnacle Studio and it's set to convert and output PAL video. Check your settings for that software.

    Otherwise; in a rare case... if by football you are referring to Football (international) and not Foot Ball (American) AND you're in the US there's a possibility that the video was broadcast (and recorded) in PAL and the tuner-box was converting (dropping frames) the video to NTSC. Some digital cable services do this (i.e. Charter/TW).
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    I checked every setting I could find in my Pinnacle software and could only find the NTSC options checked. The recorded material was the ACC championship game recorded on a COMCAST DVR. I suspected that it might be a CloneDVD mobile error since the option I checked was "Generic WMV/WMA (experimental)" to rip the video in the first place.

    Thanks for providing suggestions!