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Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by HAMsmoke, Mar 25, 2021.

  1. HAMsmoke

    HAMsmoke Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks:

    Just letting you know that I have tried 3 times to purchase AnyStream with the nice discount - and all 3 methods were refused.

    Not done trying, but it would be easier if PayPal was an authorized form of payment. Perhaps their fee gets in the way.
  2. mmdavis

    mmdavis Well-Known Member

    Odd, with the new payment processor, it took me a grand total of 2 minutes. What error message(s) did you get? Did you clear your cache or use a different browser after the first refusal?
    For the ten thousandth time, PayPal WILL NOT do business with Redfox...just like they refused to do business with Slysoft.
  3. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    We are not friends with Paypal, they won't do business with us as Mark said, please try calling your bank and telling them to let your international purchase go through. Thank you.
  4. Watcher0363

    Watcher0363 Well-Known Member

    No greater truth has been spoken. Before Paypal became wise to, or perhaps because my financial institution clued them in. I used Paypal's virtual MasterCard to purchase my license back in December. My financial institution immediately flagged it as a possible fraud transaction, I literally could not make large purchases for months without confirming it shortly after. They did not release the money to Paypal until just a few hours ago, literally a few hours ago. Over 3 and a half months later.
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  5. DrXenos

    DrXenos Well-Known Member

    I also used a PayPal virtual MasterCard to purchase AS. I haven't had any such issues.
  6. HAMsmoke

    HAMsmoke Well-Known Member

    I tried the virtual PayPal M/C twice - once tapping my PayPal balance, once tapping a debit card tied to the account. Then I tried the debit card direct. All failing, and all of these methods are fully funded. Funny - other sites have rejected the debit card, but going through the PayPal virtual card ties to that debit card worked fine. The fight is not yet over.
  7. Ivan

    Ivan Admin Staff Member

    All your 4 purchase attempts got refused by card issuing bank(s). Just call them and ask to approve next transaction.
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  8. MovieFan

    MovieFan Well-Known Member

    I tried again to buy with my PayPal virtual card. It failed about a month or two back when I tried.

    On the purchase page I saw the message:

    "Important: Some customers reported an error :004: after a successful credit card transaction. Please do not order twice when you get this error!
    Check your email, you should receive your license key after a delay of 5 minutes. If you did not receive any emails after 10 minutes, please contact our support. Our payment provider is already working on fixing this time delay."

    However, I ALSO got an email saying the transaction was declined by bank:

    "(Do not honour, transaction declined by card issuer)"

    I'm pretty sure it did not go through and when I contacted PayPal via their virtual chat feature it says it has found no activity in the last 48 hours so there is nothing for them to "approve".

    Still trying......;)
  9. HAMsmoke

    HAMsmoke Well-Known Member

    I had that same experience, karaokeamerica ... nothing at all in their activity list. So, this morning, I tried using my PayPal Business Debit Card, and low and behold, it worked! Yes, I got the Error 004 message, but within seconds, a notice saying the purchase was approved. Seconds after that, I got an email with the license key. Very happy to be on board.
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  10. MovieFan

    MovieFan Well-Known Member

    I don't know what a "business debit card" is. I'm just using the virtual MC they offer connected to my verified bank account.

    Is that a real CC account that you get from PayPal or something?
  11. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    He means "paypal business" debit card. you're linking the wrong terms together ;) There's "personal" paypal for your average joe consumer, and there's "paypal business" for merchants :)
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  12. MovieFan

    MovieFan Well-Known Member

    Could be since I've never heard of it. lol

    Regardless, I'm not having much progress buying AnyStream!
  13. HAMsmoke

    HAMsmoke Well-Known Member

    Before they offered their "PayPal Key" or virtual M/C, the had a debit card you could get which was called "Business Debit Card" - it is not attached to any business (I have none), but simply withdraws funds from my personal PayPal account. I read in their email when the new card came in that it could be used with all merchants, even those who do not accept PayPal - so I gave it a try. Voila!
  14. Blaze36

    Blaze36 New Member

    Im having the same problem, Tried multiple times and they all failed bank says they got no transaction what so ever and calling visa says to go talk with bank
  15. Ivan

    Ivan Admin Staff Member

    Transactions got refused with "transaction declined by card issuer". Even if your Paypal credit card does not show a request, most likely it got refused by Paypal. I do not have any more information. Paypal is like a black box (or hole?).
  16. Blaze36

    Blaze36 New Member

    Wasnt Paypal though was my banks card, only other problem is that it dosnt go national so that also might be a problem.
  17. Davidday01

    Davidday01 Member

    Same problem here.. Multiple attempts, bank says they see nothing on their end and say it's the fault of the processor, not them.. Tried bitcoin, realizing they aren't so simple to buy/use, having issues there also! ugg.. Never had an issue buying anything online till now..
  18. baf

    baf Member

    Unable to purchase Anystream as well. Whet it gets to I get:
    Secure Connection Failed

    An error occurred during a connection to PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR

    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
    Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.
    I have submitted a support ticket on it.
  19. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    Stop using Paypal, call your bank tell them you are making an international transaction, and to please let it go through.
  20. baf

    baf Member

    Thanks, I used another card that let me whitelist the charge automatically, redid the transaction and it went through.
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