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    i noticed somthing strange which may be a help i treid purchasing red fox hd and any stream the transaction failed with a message no responce from server then a order failed and email contact back to white list

    i know there have been a few problems using my chrome browser with this happing unsure why so opended edge and entered all details again and worked straight away may be worth people with chrone to try using edge to make payment
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  2. Ivan

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    Thanks for letting us now.

    Since I'm very interested in getting our payment process more reliable, I was looking into your purchase attempts:
    • The reason why 1st attempt (with Mastercard) got denied was a "simple" communication error between our payment service provider and your card issuing bank, they just sent an empty response. But this "empty response" could also mean "I don't like you guys and you won't get any money from me".
    • 2nd attempt was indeed with another browser - but also a different credit card brand (Visa).
    However, your information was very much appreciated.
    And thank you for supporting our project even if it's sometimes a big pain to come to a successful transaction :bowdown:
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    My issues - and the reason I've still not been able to purchase Anydvd, have been with all browsers. Tried Firefox, Tried Chrome, Tried Safari.
    Get a message asking my to whitelist various companies - I called my credit card provider - they had no record of a payment attempt.
    It seems to me Mastercard payments simply won't go through.
    I've pretty much given up.