Page processing resulted in error

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Tagg7, Oct 5, 2020.

  1. Tagg7

    Tagg7 New Member

    I'm getting the exception "Page processing resulted in error" when loading any TV/movie page in Amazon. It was working for me earlier today.

    The log shows the following:
    00:00:08.475 - [Debug] QWE:event : documentLoadStarted. URL:
    00:00:10.887 - [Debug] QWE:event:documentLoaded(true).
    00:00:10.940 - [Notice] WCJS: AAC:GP: props [2]
    00:00:10.940 - [Notice] WCJS: AAC:GACOP: Episode: Title 'B08BYYWX1P' is not available.
    00:00:10.966 - [Notice] WCJS: AAC:GP: props [2]
    00:00:10.967 - [Notice] WCJS: Page is Amazon
    00:00:10.968 - [Notice] WCJS: The user is logged in
    00:00:10.996 - [Error] PBR retrieval error.
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    That's not a logfile, that's the debug log. Please click Menu > Create logfile and attach it here
  3. Tagg7

    Tagg7 New Member

    Ah, understood. See attached.

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  4. Prospere

    Prospere RedFox Development Team

    @Tagg7 This means that AnyStream could not retrieve certain information from the page. Refreshing the page or restarting AnyStream usually solves the problem.
  5. Tagg7

    Tagg7 New Member

    Yeah, I tried restarting and even reinstalling the application and it didn't help unfortunately.