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    Hello, Having trouble getting Overlord to work through Game Jackal. The DVD works just fine. The following is the information I believe you require:
    1. What version of Game Jackal are you running? v2.9.18.570
    2. What Operating system are you using? 64 bit? service pack? Windows XP SP2.
    3. If you have virtual drives, disable them while profiling and playing profiles. Done, except for Game Jackal's own virtual drive.
    4. Remove packet writing software from your system (including Directcd, Incd, DragtoDisc, Drive Letter Access, CyberLink InstantBurn, etc.) None
    5. What protection does your game use? Don't know? Find out before posting about issues (and include that information)! Use Protection ID. It's a free program. Use ProtectionID and scan your HD directory where the game is installed (right click the icon on your toolbar, and select "scan files/folders"). Or just scan the main program .exe(s) that you find in the game directory on your hard drive. Provide the protection name and the version number.
    SecuROM detected
    6. What is the name of the game you're trying to run? Overlord
    7. What is the version of the game? 1.2
    8. Is it cd or dvd version? DVD
    9. What region or country is the original disc from? North America (Canada)
    10. What cpu are you running? AMD Athlon 64 3500
    11. What optical drives (dvd-rom,cd-rom, burners) are you using to create profiles with? What firmware version is installed on your reader? Plextor PX 716A Firmware V1.11
    12. What security software (firewall, antivirus) are you using? Please provide version numbers. AVG Antivirus and Firewall integrated Version 7.5.485
    13. Describe your problem, provide full error messages, and please state clearly what you were doing when you received those error messages. Tried to create profile, error message as follows:
    "A required security module cannot be activated.
    This program cannot be executed (5019).
    Please have a look at http://www.securom.com/message.asp?m=module&c=5019 for further, more detailed information."
    I should note here that I do not use Cure Rom and don't know why this error message came up. I removed cure rom from my system completely some time ago hunting through the registry and removing all cure rom registry entries also.

    14. You should have two log files in your Game Jackal directory. The first is called. Proc Monitor.log, and the second is called Profile.log (do not post the Profiler.log file... notice the "r" at the end). Copy and past the information into your next post. Here is one way to do it: [script]text of the log file[/script] I'm sorry, I could not find where the log files would be located. If someone tells me where to look, perhaps I could find them.

    Thanks for your time and sincerely hope you can help!
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    Well I'll be a...

    IT WORKED! Yet another reason why this program (and AnyDVD which I also own) is the best of its kind. I have yet to find a game that didn't work with Game Jackal or a Movie with AnyDVD. Thank you so much and keep up the good work! You've got a very loyal customer here. I will be sure to tell everyone about these products...because they work!

    Edit: Also wanted to thank you for the quick response.
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    Excellent :)