Overboard (2018) Blu Ray playlist problems

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    I am having playlist issues with Overboard (2018) playing in the incorrect order. I have tried it with the latest beta version on two separate drives. Log attached.


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  3. Pete

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    Yes, full menu support for this disc probably wasn't properly done, yet.
    Try again now, it should work.

    Sorry, that was just an oversight - there are several variants of this disc and this one slipped through.
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  4. qld_user

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    Sorry for the delay in responding!! Everything is okay now! Thank you!!
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  5. thefrog

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    I am also having playlist issues with this film.

    This seems like a good thread. I don't get an indication of the correct playlist/title.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Pastebin attached

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  6. Pete

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    OK, retry now - the disc should work.
  7. thefrog

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    Confirmed to work. I guess I was the first one to see this BD?

    Thanks for the fast response
  8. Ch3vr0n

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    The first one for that specific version ;)
  9. thefrog

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    It is often my experience that the large bins or display boxes of BDs that are put out for the holiday are a different pressing than the first release of the BD. I suspect that if I owned a BD player connected to the internet, that the studio would get some kind of statistic as to how many people watch these. You would think they would just be happy with the UltraViolet code -- but perhaps many people do not use that code.

    I can't remember the last time I placed one of these BDs into a BD player.

    I really love RedFox -- I have never regretted its purchase.

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