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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by KeyDesignz, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. KeyDesignz

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    Hi All,
    I have not bought this software yet, but I am enquiring as I want to purchase it to back up BD movies I bought and play back on a Mac Mini using XBMC. I want to know what format AnyDVD HD outputs to to enable HDD playback in High Def. Also if not directly playable, is there any way to convert this output format to something else to allow playback through XBMC? I would install Windows to do the ripping but play it all back on the Mac.
  2. Adbear

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    Anydvd HD just removes the encryption from the files so it's still in exactly the same format as the Blu-ray disc but with the encryption removed. It doesn't 'output' in any format, it's all down to how the original disc is encoded. Why not just use the 15 day trial first
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    That's not 100% accurate though. If you use the AnyDVD ripper, then its outputting a folder structure on the hard drive that can be played with PowerDVD 7.3 Ultra 3319a or earlier, but, can't be opened with anything after that without converting it to ISO. Or you can use something like CloneCD or ImgBurn to read the disc into an ISO directly with AnyDVD active. If you output to ISO you must "mount" it using a program like Virtual CloneDrive or Daemon Tools.

    (And yes, Adbear, I know YOU know all this but I'm just clarifying for the OP :))

    Also, since he's on a Mac, that's out of my experience zone and have NO idea what is required for playback there or whether an ISO can be mounted and played correctly.