output components 1080i on plasma TV pioneer 427xa

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    Hallo my Problem is to show HD Content on an PLasma TV via Component Cable, because the HDCP Signal doesn´t work with Component Cable. The movie was shown with all around letterbox. That´s the reason for me to buy any dvd hd. bit it doesn´t work. on my samsung syncmaster play´s without a problem. but i want to see the movies on my Plasma wothout these letterboxes. i think the movie is 30% smaller then fullscreen. Can anybody help me??? Sorry my English is not so good, because i´am German.
    PLease help me;-)

    Thanks guys.
  2. Xtrap1979

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    Usually there is a menu for you plasma tv to adjust the settings for the picture size. You can choose from things like "true scan" or "16:9" and so on.
    It might help to adjust the settings from your graphics card on your computer.
    You have it connected with your computer, haven't you?
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    Keep in mind too that some movies are filmed at a wider aspect ratio than 16:9. If these are put onto a disc, they will still add black bars to the video to make it fill the 16:9 ratio needed for a disc. This may not be the case though if you say it works on your Samsung monitor with no black bars.
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    one of the pluses with hd content is seeing the picture the way it was intended.unless its anamorphic you will get black bars top and bottom.
    make sure your tv is set to "auto" or 16x9.i use my pc to play hd-dvd and blu-ray via dvd and hdd through a component switcher to my projector and hd tv with no probs.
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    thank you for you´re fast answers bit i have the problem solved. i switsch the cable from component to vga. my plasma have a vga input. now ist the hd content in fullscreen.
    thanks all
  6. Adbear

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    if it was coming out thru a graphics card it's possible the component was only SD not HD