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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by TheSunGod, Jan 24, 2023.

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    About 1 out of ever 3 downloads I have been trying (movies only--never on series) have added svenke or a single other language to the pre-set list of audio languages to d/l.

    I uncheck it, no worries. But, am I doing something wrong that they keep popping up?

    Under preferences I have (english, English) selected.

    I think the cpu has been busy at the time this happens so maybe it is just a glitch due to that.
  2. DeepSpace

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    It is because the devs rely on AS to learn your preferences for audio and subs over time instead of making a proper setting for it.
    At least that is the last I know. If they changed something, it hasn't been mentioned or I haven't seen it.
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    ok. Thanks @DeepSpace It is a recent change for me having it add other languages. I probably should have mentioned that but I will keep on and see if it goes away.

    So it works like AnyDVD and CloneBD do. Gotcha. Thanks again!
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    If you recently downloaded a movie or episode with that language(s), then it added it to the registry key and sometimes seems to see the need to automatically add it, even if you have never downloaded it before or never download it again. I had it myself and since the multi-audio is a thing, it adds english and german, although I don't want to download both at the same time and uncheck it on every download. It will not work if AS is supposed to "unlearn" it when I do that, because I then do a second download at 720p and with en audio, so it would add it to the registry again.

    If the devs are ever going to make it a setting, it has to offer two options:
    -Do you use multi-audio (no, unless it becomes possible to change their position in the file)
    In that case, it preselects the languages I have predefined in settings as track 1 and 2 (3...), if available.
    -If I don't want to use multi, then it only selects my main language (german). However, since I then download a second version, where I have to deselect german again, it should either make it possible to then preselect english and 720p for the second dl or to remove this preselection entirely, so I can always select it myself without the need to uncheck something.

    Not trying to do any further suggestions as they have to deal with the DRM first anyway.
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