Original CD 153 mins DVD-R 120 mins

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    I downloaded the trial versions of AnyDVD and Clone DVD. I copied a movie that played on my computer but nor on my DVD player. I have a Thinkpad T42 with all that's necessary, a USB2 SONY DRX-710UL double layer capable DVD recorder. When I made the copy I noticed that the DVD length was 1:58:25. I bought Verbatim DVD-R disks (as recommended) but the Verbatim disk is labeled 120 minutes. I contacted SONY about my SONY DVD Player (DVP-NS 700P) and they advised that the copy may not be properly finalized. I know I can regulate writer speed but if there's a way to regulate type (i.e.: HQ=60min, SP=120min, LP=180min, EP=240min.) If I could define SP then the original would fit on a single DVD. Also I don't know how to either remove titles to make it fit to one DVD or to make a two disk copy. Any suggestions, instructions, advice would be greatly appreciated. William
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    Time doesn't matter. Disc size does.

    The issue has nothing to do with the disc being finalized.

    This is a compatibility issue between your standalone dvd player and the blank media you're using. Essentially, your standalone dvd player doesn't like what you're using. Try switching to dvd+r and changing the booktype to "dvd-rom" (or try another brand of blank media . . . Taiyo Yuden Premium, for example). Or try a different standalone dvd player

    If the backup plays in your computer, Clonedvd worked.

    For more information on how to use Clonedvd properly visit here (there are also links at the bottom that go to picture guides)
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    So very true ... in the past, I have several times commented that I would prefer to see CloneDVD add a data size readout for each title in addition to (or rather than) a movie "playtime" readout which is less useful. This would help immensely when juggling Titles onto two split disks i.e. one would be able to judge exactly what would fit onto a single 4.37GB backup disk without compression. As it is now, even if the CloneDVD compression meter shows 100% on a "tight-fit" split, I sometimes notice that the transcoder has enabled (via the burn progress readout).

    Unnamed SS reps and an elby author didn't see the value of a data-size readout ... and one shot me down somewhat tersely. ... but that was about two years ago. Maybe a size readout could be added to the splitting interface only (and not the compression interface) if the splitting interface gets upgraded.

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    I wouldn't mind seeing (data) size information displayed as well (in addition to playtime), now that you mention it.

    I've been getting shot down by Elby for years, so I wouldn't take it personally.
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    No, I don't ... time constraints often make official responses abbreviated.
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    I was pretty depressed with one the responses I got back once from Elby actually, but I just shrug it off now. I still occasionally send off the same similar suggestions from time to time. :D
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    CloneDVD copy still plays on computer but not on DVD player

    I bought Verbatim DVD-R disks as recommended and burned the DVD copy. Same problem, copy plays well on all of my computers but not on my SONY DVP-NS 700P DVD player. I'm beginning to believe that Clone DVD is not producing an actual "clone" of the original. The original plays fine but none of the copies play. I'm contacting SONY to ask if this might be a setup/programming issue with the player. Also I'll but Verbatim DVD+R and try it. It's unfortuneate, copies that play on computer only are not acceptable. If it turns out that I need a new more powerful computer and a new and more powerful burner it'll have to wait, in which case I'll let my trial end and purchase if and when I invest in new hardware.
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    Then Clonedvd worked and your Sony dvd player doesn't like the Verbatim media that you bought. Try Taiyo Yuden Premium 8x dvd+rs and change the booktype to "dvd-rom". The other solution is to buy a standalone dvd player that does like the Verbatim blank media you bought.

    No. That has no bearing whatsoever with your issue.

    No. They play in your computer. They just don't play in your Sony dvd player. Your Sony player doesn't like the Verbatim blank media that you bought obviously. Try something else or try a different player. Those are your options. This is a compatibility issue. Period.

    While I'm the one who recommended Verbatim in the stickies, keep in mind that doesn't mean all Verbatim blank media will play on all standalone dvd players. Verbatim just happens to sell pretty good blank media, on average, that works well. The same goes for the other blank media I recommended.

    No. That has nothing to do with this issue. Again, your Sony dvd player doesn't like the blank media you bought. The solution involves either finding blank media it does like (and Taiyo Yuden Premium booktyped to "dvd-rom" usually works for most standalone dvd players; you could also try Verbatim +R booktyped to "dvd-rom", but I am of the opinion Taiyo Yuden Premium silvers have a slightly higher reflectivity, and thus read better across more players) or getting a standalone dvd player that likes your Verbatim blank media. Your choice . . . . choose an option.

    You mentioned you will try Verbatim +Rs. Ensure you're changing to booktype to "dvd-rom". Read step 3
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    finalizing disk

    Are DVD Copies burned with CloneDVD finalized automatically? It's one of the main concerns of SONY Technical Support regarding playback on my SONY DVP-NS700P DVD Player.
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    Yes, the last thing you see is "Finalizing" before the popup that says complete with the Eject button.

    The biggest problem with playback in standalone players is media quality and media type. Quality -R media should work with most all players. Quality +R, +R DL media works with a lot, but may need to be booktyped to DVD-ROM for best compatability.
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    I discovered my problem was with my SONY DVD Player. I tried my copies on a Samsung player and a Panasonic player and they worked perfectly. I got Verbatim DVD-R and Taiyo Yuden DVD+R disks but discovered that using AnyDVD even Nero 6 using common DVD-Rs works. I bought both programs, AnyDVD and CloneDVD and I'm very happy with them. Thank you to all of you for your help and input!
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    I looked at the specifications for your Sony player. It lists all the CD types, but I only saw DVD-ROM and DVD-RW listed for DVD. That is very limited. I have a Sony player that works with everything (DVP-NS57P $59). It says on the box that it works with DVD +/-R, DVD +/-R DL, DVDRW, Jpeg, Mp3, etc. Some Sony and other players don't list +/-R DL in their list of media. Very important to see what it will and won't play before you buy one.
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    Use these and change the booktype to "dvd-rom". Please read step 3