OPPO to stop making players

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Journbon, Apr 2, 2018.

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    @Pelvis Popcan Not sure if you are aware but our friend in the far east has now jail broken the latest OPPO 203 firmware (60-0625). The download is on his purchase page. I've been in contact with him and our activation files will work with it at no extra cost.

    He says we just need to flash the file in the same way as before but we do not need to re-activate - that part sticks from last time.
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    yep. just finished up the upgrade on my 203 with the 60-0625 firmware. Love this machine now!
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    Ordered one already..we shall see what it is..
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    There is a discussion thread started at the Blu-ray.com forum,


    I'm curious about it myself as I rarely ever use the physical disc anymore, preferring just to navigate to the Network tab and initiate playback that way.
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    Yep, currently have 4 10TB drives loaded up with my UHD rips. Discs are only good for ripping! :)
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    Link is dead. It seems the thread has been pulled.
    Is there another thread anywhere already going?
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    At the below site, but you'll need to register and donate $20. I haven't done so myself yet.

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    It's worth the money, been on that for years...
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    Even if they weren't it has no impact here. A third party moderator has nothing to say on this forum, nor do we on theirs. Even they wanted us to close/delete the topic and/or ban you or anyone else, doesn't mean we have to do what they say ;)
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    Not passing judgement, but people need to be reminded that those folks are selling unsupported hardware and running pirated software. And asking what, $400? Keep your expectations low and don't buy it unless you're willing to throw away the money.
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    fair enough. but as a number of people have purchased his oppo 203 firmware and were happy, i tool the plunge. just got an email it won;t ship until after new years though..
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    HI Guys,

    I am stuck at the activation process, at first, our seller sent me the wrong MAC address but when I follow these steps it does not activate.

    Power on, the player now boots with firmware from the OPPO version 20XCN60-0625

    -> Front Panel "Hello", "No Disc"
    -> Power off, remove power wire, disconnect serial, pack player
    -> Reconnect Oppo to television, power wire and HDMI cable connected
    -> Power on, wait 1 minute
    -> Insert FAT32 formatted USB drive in front of Oppo with only activation file in root, named XXXXXXXXXXXX.da1
    -> Player shows volume bar on the TV screen
    -> Power off
    -> Remove USB Drive
    -> Power on
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    If he sent you the wrong MAC address, it will not activate.
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    When you say it doesn't activate, I assume you mean it boots but does not enable the extra 'features' ? If you downloaded the firmware file from the bd-mod web site, it won't work. I had to badger him and eventually, he sent me a different file which did work.
    I had the issue on two players. They are both working nicely now. Of course, as James said, if the da1 MAC address he sent you does not match the player, it's not going to work at all.