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    No, it works. I asked to bd-mod and he answers me this :
    In fact, you need to modify this settings, as you will do for a bluray, just once and that also change the code zone for DVD. I believe it change the code zone to 0 because when I set back the language to french, it still works. Unfortunatly, I just have Zone 0, 1 and 2 DVD so it's just a guess. I will need zone 3 DVD to be sure.
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    can any of the guys @zereu or @Pelvis Popcan @TiVoMad @rdgrimes provide me with the oppo10xbl.bin or the complete rarfile please. I upgraded my 103 player upg command without bootloader first. now my player has no bootloader anymore. it still boots luckily, but no more network. I forgot to use the backup button to make a backup of my bootloader.
    bd-mod.com removed everything from his website If someone still have this file that would be much appreciated. so hope I can bring it back to life.

    Just need the loader. It got erased somehow.

    hope one of you can help me out. Thanks a bunch.
    See screenshot. Network failing, drive tray not opening anymore when pressing button on player or remote. think it does not play any media over usb as well (not tested) so device became pretty useless.:(

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    okay update on my situation. I have the loader back. It is the file DVD480.BIN which I flashed back using mtktool. but this did not solve the problem. The tray opens but I receive an error unknown disc. No disc plays.

    The mac address is still gone. I dont give up yet. But I do need someone's help who got a 10x player (105/103/103D/105D) and can connect the usb cable and start the mtktool. Hold enter key until you get in the bootloader. Here I need a copy of the partition table which says which data is in which memory block. The first memory blocks got erased which contain the mac address. But also the partition table is not available on my player. Maybe someone can print this info and post it/share it with me. Thanks.

    See screenshot which command you need to enter. mtd or mtdparts (both same result)

    You should get something like this:

    #: name size offset
    0: boot_1 0x00200000 0x00000000
    1: part_info_1 0x00200000 0x00200000
    2: part_info_2 0x00200000 0x00400000
    3: mac_addr_1 0x00100000 0x00600000
    4: mac_addr_2 0x00100000 0x00700000
    5: key_block_1 0x00100000 0x00800000
    6: key_block_2 0x00100000 0x00900000
    7: fe_bin_1 0x00200000 0x00a0000
    8: fe_bin_2 0x00200000 0x00c00000
    9: fe_test_data 0x00100000 0x00e00000
    10: fe_parameters 0x00100000 0x00f00000
    11: fe_power_curve 0x00100000 0x01000000
    12: kernel_1 0x00200000 0x01100000
    13: kernel_2 0x00200000 0x01300000
    14: initrd_1 0x00300000 0x01500000
    15: rootfs_normal_1 0x01900000 0x01800000
    16: rootfs_enc_1 0x01900000 0x03100000
    17: rootfs_it_1 0x00100000 0x04a00000
    18: rootfs_enc_it_1 0x00100000 0x04b00000
    19: initrd_2 0x00200000 0x04c00000
    20: rootfs_normal_2 0x00c00000 0x04e00000
    21: rootfs_enc_2 0x00400000 0x05a00000
    22: rootfs_it_2 0x00100000 0x05e00000
    23: rootfs_enc_it_1 0x00100000 0x05f00000
    24: upg_status 0x00100000 0x06000000
    25: fast_init_logo 0x00200000 0x06100000
    26: fast_init_param 0x00100000 0x06300000
    27: log_raw 0x00100000 0x06400000
    28: ubi0 0x00160000 0x06500000
    This example is of a Philips player. I need the Oppo 10x data table.

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    Well, I'm sorry but I won't do it. It's too difficult to access the ttl debug port on the Oppo 105. I don't feel to unscrew everything and remove the two soundboard again. Plus, once you will have the information about the memory block, will you be able to modify the mac address and is it enough ?
    Maybe the issue doesn't come from the mac address. Did you tryied to update with an official firmware ? Maybe it will fix it.
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    Hi zereu I understand. On 103 it is a lot easier to access. Maybe yours does not have the table as well. It needs to be programmed by Oppo in the TTL software.
    I found a table somewhere on the net of the Pioneer BDP-450. This player is almost identical to the Oppo 10x. This information was usefull and a backup of another 103 player made me able to resolve the issue. :D

    I saw that tables 3 - 11 got erased and overwritten with zeroes. That's why my Mac Address was FFFF. I programmed them back from the backup and now my player runs again. Wohoo :). Only problem is I have a new mac address ;).
    But most importantly it runs again :)
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    For me, F in hexadecimal is 15 or 1111 in binary, not zero but anyway :LOL:
    So good for you if you fixed it. It's impressive. I guess now you have the same mac address than the Oppo 103 you had the backup from. I have to admit that it was a reason for me to don't give you mine ! I was worried to have a conflict with the jailbreak activation.
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    Okay binary. But it was all FFF after erasing.

    I understand you were worried, but I think the activation server would think it is the same player. After that a activation file is on the player and it's ok.
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    Do any of these Oppo firmwares/jailbreak mods allow for the deactivation of Prohibited User Operations?

    I have a hardware region free mod that works fine, and the player natively supports the use of external subtitles via USB, so I thought I'd be good to play any movie worldwide - but so many movies lock the subtitle button, so I can't switch to the external subtitle file! Thus, I need to disable Prohibited User Operations.
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    There's a setting in anydvd for that. UOP's aren't firmware based, their disc java code based.

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    Yeah I'm aware that AnyDVD can remove those, but that requires ripping the disc and then burning a BD-R or streaming the rip to my TV (or I guess hooking my desktop computer up to my TV and using Blu-ray playback software). That's not what I'm trying to do. I want to play the original disc in an Oppo Blu-ray player that is directly hooked up to the TV.

    While the UOPs are implemented via BD-J, there is a way for a player to just ignore them. Adherence to the BD-J UOPs is thus part of the player's firmware, and THAT can be overrided by custom firmware. I do not know how feasible this is for Oppo players, but I know that the BD-J specification is not impenetrable in this regard because exactly such a firmware hack exists for pretty much all Panasonic Blu-ray players. However, Panasonic Blu-ray players don't support external subtitles during disc playback, so a different piece of the puzzle is missing there.
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    you can't really skip java code easily, as until all the java code runs the registers might not be setup correctly. This is similar to the reason why for DVDs even if you allow jumping to top menu, it can jump to its first play playlist constantly and you just have to let it play through.
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    Hello, I'm not sure that now my Oppo 203 can jailbreak with no need to open the unit ?

    because I see the Russian firmware is sell on Aliexpress , it's look like do not need to open the hardware
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    It is unfortunate that they will no longer make new players. I too believe that they are the best available. I have an older 83 and the new 203, and both have performed flawlessly and produce perfection to my audio system (and ears). I find it a little comforting that they continue to support the product line: ("....existing products will continue to be supported, warranties will still be valid, and both in-warranty and out-of-warranty repair services will continue to be available. Firmware will continue to be maintained and updates released from time to time. Customers can rest assured that they will continue to receive the high quality service and support that they have come to expect from OPPO Digital"). and the reason they left their continued manufacture of such is explained by the "typical" music customer.

    Even a few posting here hint at the prevailing attitude of most people now have no use for such quality, resolution, and capabilities on disc - since they are satisfied with MP3, streaming, and other forms of compressed formats for listening via downloads - most may play through systems that are not even able to render such resolution. But they can get their fix in the "good enough" mode, without the expense or complexity of higher-end hardware.

    It is the desire of the majority of younger consumers at this point, and in our society that is the market chased down and targeted for the profits. It is unfortunate perhaps for the seasoned audiophile, but newer technologies (requiring new hardware of course) are in the works such as HDX, 172 KHz 24 bit, etc. to accompany FLAC and other higher def downloads. So "music servers" will be the new dog. It is just the matter of pay to play.
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