Oppo 95, 203, 205, Panasonic DMP-BDT110P test results

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    More news it works, I'm playing Cinavia infected ISO with a Oppo 203 right now, I'm using a old movie called " The Tourist ". Next a external drive test with the same movie with a backup disc 50gb BD-R and nothing touched meaning Cinavia is on the back up
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    If you have a 93 i will fix it, If you have a 83 i can't help because i only have the engineering firmware for a BDP-93 and a BDP-95. Give me a hour or so i'm testing something here at the moment and to much equipment all over the place. I explain everything you need to know.
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    I can not answer for a projector, If you have a 4K TV and your older Oppo doesn't have video or sound or both then you must use engineering firmware to get your video or audio or both back on newer 4K TV. Now my older BDP-95 worked for 2 months thru my new 4K TV. Once i ran the 95 thru the HDMI INPUT then to the TV then the 95 would only have video and no audio EVEN direct to the TV. The problem is known to the older players and to Oppo. The cure is a firmware update but you can't download it. A Oppo engineer must give it to you. If you have a 93 or 95 model i have that firmware. You can also flash back to the firmware you have now your not locked into the engineering firmware. But if you have a 83 i don't have that player. I only have a 95, 203, 205 in Oppo. So now how can i help if any because at the moment i'm seeing if Cinavia will kick in using ISO play on a Oppo 203 and 14 mins have elapsed and still smoking along with a great pic full ISO rip from AnyDVD HD.

    btw, I'm using all 4K certified HDMI cables
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    I was right, Using just the Oppo 203 "HDMI INPUT" passes Cinavia infected movies in FULL in ISO format, Folder format and Backup Disc in Clone or movie only. How good does it look very and above 1080p. The Tourist movie, Karate kid etc and Sony the Cinavia king movies play immune without getting bothered. Over 25 mins and it just keeps playing away.
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    Thank you , i will contact oppo and ask them.
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    Yes i don't have anything for the 83, Only 93 and 95.
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    Good news, The new Oppo 203/205 plays Cinavia infected MKV files is old news. Even like i said back a month ago and even with the newest firmware out, The good news is it plays FULL Blu-ray folders which means it does everything like playing back a ISO...HOW!!

    I been using Oppo's since DVD days and there are tricks but alot don't work. One trick back in the day to make Blu-ray folders work was to rip a Blu-ray to a folder but you had to modify the folder structure. Example: In_Time is the folder of the movie " In Time " inside that folder you make a sub folder called "AVCHD". Now you take all the folders inside "In_Time" and move or paste them into the AVCHD dir. This means you have a folder named In_Time with a sub folder AVCHD you created and the entire rip folders are inside the AVCHD folder.

    Now the above don't work!... It did years ago when they blocked ISO and folder play. So how do you make folder play work like ISO play in the newest 203/205 players.

    You do the above with ANY Blu-ray except you must edit one byte in "index.bdmv" and "MovieObject.bdmv" and bingo you have folder play back in full. Now you can only do this with a external HDD attached to the player it will NOT work thru a network. The other problem for some ppl is editing the files which takes seconds if you know how to use a hex editor or else corruption will occur, But there is a work around for anyone. I will get into that...If the movie has Cinavia no problem because it's going through the USB 3.0 port to a external HDD. Oppo does not detect Cinavia thru the USB port only thru the built in optical drive.

    Now what about these bytes it sounds not easy. It's easier then you think, But i suggest if your reading this rip to folder using AnyDVD HD as DVDFlab sucks at Screen Pass. There is a program i had since 2013 and it's called "BDMV Modifier 2.0" try google but good luck at that. But it removes the same bytes as it did years ago. So i loaded 7 movies and used the modifier and the newer Oppo's now play back full folders flawless. Here are some snap shots to get a better idea, So it makes the Oppo's even better!.

    I believe if you have another name brand Blu-ray player and it allows AVCHD Playback from a video camera from a external device such as a thumb drive or HDD it will work for you also . I have no way to test this theory.

    I also think it will work on any model Oppo out on the market that has a USB 2.0 or 3.0 input for that matter like the Oppo 83, 105, etc.

    The UPD203.cfg is just on my computer, It is a backup of my players settings cuz i play a lot.

    Snap1.jpg Snap2.jpg Snap3.jpg Snap4.jpg Snap5.jpg
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    Confirmed, UHD folder playback from HDD works 100% in Oppo 203/205 in full

    203/205 also works with UHD BD disc playback from a USB HDD, as long as it drives the structure first with "BDMV Modifier 2.0.exe", In this case, this has been tried with a full UHD BD disc folder i had made for me for a test. A full 85gb movie and the test source didn't even come from the US.

    If someone did not know,this program can modify a standard BD disk format, which makes it possible to play from a USB memory/hdd just in the basic non-modular way.The program takes a bit of a change in a single disk structure file in a second, At the same time, the program can restore the change if it so wishes. It does not work on 3D disks, but it can turn 3D into 2D disks, It's a handy tool because Oppo has blocked ISO / disc playback directly. You can't get any better then this but i still won't buy DeUHD as it's limited. I'll wait it out for someone to release something better price wise and technology wise. Also NONE of my Oppo are ever connected to the net. I firmware update via USB.

    As long as you have a way to rip a UHD BD to a full folder and have the tool. The two new Oppo's 203/205 will play back UHD BD the same as having the disc in the optical drive.

    My interest is there but at this time unfortunately in my opinion the ripping software needed isn't. But i'm sure it will be coming some day.

    I'll add i should of tried PowerDVD 17 thru the computer but i didn't. But there are a few ppl that have full ISO/Folders that can try it for themselves and see. Just read along the lines how. I'm not into HTPC play back.
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    where is the link for download BDMV Modifier 2.0 ? I serached and found link but it really didn't work.
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    Are you confusing Screenpass with BD+? DVDFab sucks big time with BD+. But maybe it sucks with both. ;)
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    It sucks period :)
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    You mean the link doesn't work, not really doesn't work :D

    If you read what i wrote i said search google, Then pray

    I never posted a link because i didn't want to see ppl sign in as a new member and download and bolt. Of course if someone is a member here i'll just give it through a PM if asked.
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    Just a update, I don't play DVD anymore but gave the wife the collection years ago. I wanted to test a DVD "The Green Mile" Specs 720x480, Frame Rate 60 interlaced, YCbCr 4:2:0 @ 8 bit

    I played it and was not impressed until i changed a internal setting to DVD 24P conversion ON.

    Output to 4K TV is 3840x2160, Frame Rate 24p, Color Space YCbCr 4:2:2 @ 12 bit

    To me it meets or exceeds the pic quality of a standard Blu-ray, But no interest in this old format. However if i was interested the Oppo is not able to play DVD ISO or Folder playback thru the USB 3.0 port, But i'll mess with that at a later date to see what can be done.

    multiavchd works, But it isn't worth it.
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    My bad. link removed. if possible, please kindly provide me via pm.
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    Testing more i found some undesired news, The Oppo 203 detected Cinavia in Folder form through the USB 3.0 Port, Then again this isn't a problem depending on YOUR Cinavia removal method. Do not ask how i get around it, That won't get a reply.

    The test movie was Deepwater Horizon in folder format and within 20 mins Error code 3, However movie only in MKV format passes with Cinavia with the same title in a 1:1 MKV movie only. To do that i used MakeMKV for this test which does not remove Cinavia. I kept all audio and sub titles and all worked. Sometimes i prefer Flac over the main audio using the expert menu.

    It is also incorrect what you may read at other forums about the older players I.E. 93 or 95, They do NOT need a AVCHD folder modification to playback full folders. These players play folders just the way they are. ISO playback don't work unless you have firmware that's old or spent your money on Jailbreak then you can play ISO but your also left with the bugs. As always these players are immune to Cinavia.

    HDMI IN passes everything.
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    For the fan club. When using HDMI IN set the audio to a 60ms delay in the setup menu. You don't have to do this when using a USB device. Only for anything you have running into the HDMI IN. Next firmware it should fix it correct.

    On another note YES UHD BD full folders play fine, You have to set the flags in the correct file or use the medicine above. However Cinavia IS in force. It can be removed with a regular Blu-ray disc's audio of the same movie. I don't recommend the hide and seek method or it will sound terrible. All files must live in a AVCHD dir. As for Cinavia you're on your own when it comes to HDD thru the USB 3.0 port. I would not be to concerned as IMO the Russian ripper sucks.
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    The Oppo 203/205 newest firmware has been released mid Nov, I hadn't had a chance to look see at it until tonight. No Cinavia detection through USB on MKV Etc...No ISO play that won't happen but full folder play in force. However there is no need to make a AVCHD dir anymore. Just put your full movie Blu-ray or UHD folder on your drive then run the medicine above to change the flags and your good to go. Also remember the medicine can reverse the flags when you want also.

    People that loaded the beta firmware which I did not it is suggested you upgrade your firmware thru USB not thru the internet as your likely to get a error, So if you have firmware UDP20X-54-1108B installed then upgrade to version UDP20X-54-1127 by USB. If you have 922 or lower firmware you can upgrade flawless through WIFI or wired.

    The out of sync audio when using HDMI IN is fixed and supports HDR10, It was off by 60ms but could be fixed in settings. This is no longer the case if your running your HTPC with like PDVD 17 and a ISO. Because it's a HTPC if the movie is infected with Cinavia you'll need AnyDVD HD running on the HTPC or remove the Cinavia whatever method YOU use. Other fixes and enhancements and most likely more to come.

    Comparing to the previous Official release version UDP20X-51-0922, the major changes included in this version are:

    Added support for MQA audio files on the UDP-205.
    Improved compatibility for recently released and upcoming Dolby Vision UHD Blu-ray discs and TV firmware.
    Improved compatibility for non-standard 4:3 aspect ratio media files.
    General fixes and disc compatibility improvements based on recent and upcoming UHD Blu-ray releases as well as user-submitted samples.

    The newest firmware release includes the HDR Strip Metadata improvements
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    Just ordered the Hisense 55" 4K 55R6D from Sam's Club for $348 and free shipping. If this TV is as good as people say, that is one heck of a deal !! (y)(y)
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    I had mine 5 months now but I paid 413.00 total from Walmart for a 55" model 55H6D

    Walmart is a part of Sam's but we don't need to buy stuff in bulk
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    Sam's has great deals on many things other than TV's. Yes, some things are bulk items, but I only buy in bulk when I know I will use them over time. Of course I only had to buy one TV :ROFLMAO:. It was delivered today and so far so good. I have a Roku 4 stand alone device and having the Roku functionality built right into the TV is really nice !! :coolman: I haven't tried playing any media files via USB yet. At $366 total from Sam's this TV is a complete steal IMO !!