Oppo 95, 203, 205, Panasonic DMP-BDT110P DIY

Discussion in 'High Definition Hardware' started by Badnews, Aug 4, 2017.

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    Told ya it would be cinavia free :) Doesn't have the hardware on board to detect it ;)
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    Interesting that you are noting that playback from USB doesn't seem to check for Cinavia or enforce it. The Unofficial Oppo BDP-203 FAQ disagrees with this so I'm actually left a bit confused by your experience.

    Maybe USB hard drives and flash drives are treated differently? I don't own a BDP-10x or BDP-20x so I can't say. I'm still happily using my region-free BDP-83 and BDP-93 players.

    NOTE: Obviously, Cinavia will never be a worry with the BDP-8x and BDP-9x players. Another reason I still use them. Plus I have yet to move to 4k to I can't justify buying a BDP-10x or BDP-20x.
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    Interesting bit of information on Cinavia, indeed. And a nice one at that! I'll keep that in mind when/if I move to 4K before the BDP-30x players come out or whatever they call it.

    Yes, the 83 and 93 just do 1080p. I made a very brief move to 4k with a TV that I ended up returning. Wasn't high-end but was upper mid and the features and everything just left me... not overly impressed (?). Was a well-priced holiday sale item and no surprise it was priced how it was. Decided to save that money and actually put it into my PC rebuild so it worked out. :)
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    You aren't the first person I've heard say good things about Hisense. Actually, when I got the 4K that I returned a guy at BB when I was just looking couldn't say enough great stuff about the brand. I wound up going with Samsung. I've always been drawn to Samsung monitors, TVs, phones, tablets. Not a fanboy but they tended to be better in my experiences and my previous 1080p HDTVs that are Samsung I absolutely love. The 4k? Meh. Unless you want to pay a ridiculous amount for the high high high end ones they are lacking. I'll revisit 4k at some point in the future and definitely give Hisense a good look. I am actually impressed by picture quality of the LG 4k TVs but the underlying WebOS is a problem. I have friends with LG 4ks and they all "crash" rather frequently for one reason or another. As a result I won't touch and LG.

    The BDP-20x player with what I'll call the HDMI input to use the player for upscaling external content is something I really love the idea of. And, yeah, you're talking about a player that costs as much or more than a TV but it's worth it. Frankly, you can't go wrong with any Oppo player. You get what you pay for and considering the quality they are a steal.
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    The "bug" with this Cinavia enforcement mistake sounds similar to when they released ISO playback support in a public beta firmware for the BDP-93 and it wasn't really intended for the public. They added the ISO support for internal testing and didn't remove it before release. It was present for some time before they removed it and they were likely leaned on to do so.
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    wmcclain knows his stuff and rarely if ever makes mistakes which is why when he puts it in the unofficial FAQ that I take it as fact. :)

    Maybe the breakage was temporarily intentional for testing and they forgot to re-enable it. Now that it was publicly disclosed they have to fix it. Otherwise, they'll have the BDA & AACS LA come knocking on their door making threats. You never know. Nonetheless, the loophole would have been closed at some point. You merely hastened the process.

    Be safe. Looks like this year is going to be a monster when it comes to hurricanes.
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    I quote from the FAQ:
    Cinavia can never be detected over HDMI input or ARC, as the player can not verify, if it originates from a trusted source.
  9. James

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    To those owning an UDP-203: Does it allow to "dim" the subtitles, like AnyDVD? The Panasonic UHD players have this feature, although not as good as AnyDVD, but I like it and don't want a player without it. Subtitles are usually too bright.
  10. James

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    Can the Oppo finally move subtitles relative to the picture edges (like AnyDVD)? Or just absolute "shift", which ... sucks.
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    For brightness Change of subtitles: http://watershade.net/wmcclain/UDP-...nal-subtitles-be-added-to-disc-playback.Seems only to work with external subtitles.Never tried it.

    The only subtitle Setting working for me is shift up and down.At least with BD and UHD.
    I am still on an older 1229 Firmware. Maybe newer ones do better.

    I use black Velvet to cover the black bars of my projection Screen and shift the subtitles there to have less brighter subtitles .Works at least with 2,35:1 movies
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    What brand and model number is this 4K TV that you are saying has a built in media player in it?
  13. DaGoatRancher

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    I read through the manual. Are you ripping your Blu-ray disks to MKV or some other portable format? The specs don't say they support playing BD .iso or folder structure. How are your ripping your BD disks to the usb hardrive? Thanks.
  14. DaGoatRancher

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    Ok. So it should play the rip from AnyDVD HD when you right click and select select copy disk to HDD which is copying to BDMV Folder structure correct?
  15. DaGoatRancher

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    Ok. I think I understand what you are doing, but a true BDMV folder structure has a few other folders inside the main one. Like playlist folder and stream folder, etc. Is this what you are creating manually from the ISO and what you are playing with the TV media player?
  16. DaGoatRancher

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    Great !! Thanks for the info. I will look into the Hisense brand in the future. I have seen these TV's advertised, but kinda stayed away because just figured they were a cheap brand which would not have much support if needed. Seems that is not the case. Will keep them in mind. (y)(y)
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    Good to know. I used to be a loyal Sony fan in the 90's. Then switched to Samsung. Have only owned Samsung since 2000. I am going to give Hisense a serious look now. I will be shopping for a smaller TV for my office in the near future. If it has this media player feature that would be awesome !Thanks again ! (y)
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    FYI, this guy from China has been making Oppo Region Select + Cinavia Free firmware for the 10x players for some time.


    For some reason he will no longer sell 10x firmwares. He did have some 203 firmware mods available, but ran into some kind of issues that made it so only some versions of the firmware was working. Apparently at one point he was only able to sell it pre-loaded on a Chinese locality player due to some kind of legal issues.

    He now says he will be able to offer a user downloadable firmware mod for Oppo 20x players that will allow region select AND be Cinavia free. (Apparently he sorted the legal and technical issues out?) I e-mailed him and asked him if it will work on USA players and players from multiple localities, and also if it will work on both the 203 and 205. He replied saying it will work on all country players and will also work on both the 203 and 205.

    He says it should be out by January 11 of next year (it says "1-11-2017" which I'm pretty sure is a typo), and says it will be $199, but will be $129 if you preorder now.

    From what I can recall some people have had issues with him, while others have had success. I'm hoping it will work as I'm planning on getting some 205 players and using his firmware. If it does not work for whatever reason, I can always send the players to JVB Digital for a Region Select mod (which would NOT remove Cinavia if I go that route).
  19. Pelvis Popcan

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    The other firmware mod option is http://www.bluraysolution.com/, but they say it only works on the 203 and only works on European locality players. I e-mailed them before about localities other than Europe, and they say they only support European players. I e-mailed them again recently asking if it would work on 205 European players but have not gotten a response in weeks. :(

    They are the only ones still selling a 10x firmware mod, but again it's apparently only for European players.
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  20. Pelvis Popcan

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    His English is not very good, and his layout is confusing as well. I can't really fault him for that, as I can hardly speak a word of any language other than English.

    The "NOTE: This back door..." is NOT talking about the note above it, which starts "The Good News..." The "back door" he's talking about in the second note is for what he is currently selling. The note above is talking about his upcoming firmware mod, which he says WILL add ISO playback, region free/region select, and Cinavia free. I would really like an all-in-one solution that works on the disc player and everything else.