OOP's Sea of Trees Not Playable

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    I have ripped Sea of Trees with no problems and it plays all of the previews fine and even loads the Menu. The play button or any of the selections can't be clicked on, mouse clicked, or even arrow keyed. I then used speed menu and it exhibited the same unselectable symptoms. I can however use the mouse to click on the title selection to make it play, I just can't hit enter to do it. It's like there is some kind of overlay that's missing or corrupted. I have posted the logs if anyone wants to see what's up. I don't have this behavior on any other disks. Thanks.

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    Got up this morning and tried it in another PC and SURPRISE!, it works perfectly. I think my moving around some of my user files to accommodate my new M.2 MVE drive must have corrupted PowerDVD some how. Either that or the creators update must have allowed the game bar overlay to be active AGAIN. Damn these updates! Sorry for the goofy thread.