one tree hill


yes for some reason, using the latest edtion of clone dvd
i keep gettin read error, on the
One Tree Hill
season 2 #6 dvd

it gets halfway through and then gives error message that read error.

i clean the disk, with proper cleaning disc
not towel, or shirt or tissue paper but cleaning disc

no scratches on the dvd.

and i have tried everything but it just wont copy?

can anyone help?



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it gets halfway through and then gives error message that read error.

Your original disc is bad. Exchange it for a new one.

"I'll see you again
When the stars fall from the sky
And the moon has turned red
Over One Tree Hill" -- U2


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Tried two different discs, 4 different DVD players, and 2 different programs. All error'd out at the same spot.


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What options are there using Slysoft to clone an "error-ladened" "pressed" dvd?

Nothing really, I think. Probably considered the fault of the company that released them. There have been several instances where a large number of discs of a certain movie/title were poorly mastered.

You could ask for Elaborate Bytes (official developer of Clonedvd) to offer the same skip over read errors stuff that the other program you used offers, but there's no guarantee they will agree with that suggestion.


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Yes, I think some kind of extra option would be a good addition to Slysoft's program to at least offer the user the option to proceed with the error(s) or not. After all, it's not a perfect world, so sometimes we have to or will accept willingly or negotiate with slightly imperfect alternatives to succeed in in our targeted goals.