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    I am a newbie to the Blu-ray world. :confused: I have a PS3 with a new samsung DLP. All is hooked up nice with HDMI. I also run my PC to my TV via DVI. I do not have a Blu-ray drive for the PC..yet!

    First question: can I (with new hardware/software) make a blu-ray copy 1:1 identical? By this I mean I want EXACT copy. Dual layer to dual layer. I don't want to cut/paste anything out. No compression. Just 1:1.

    Second question: what blu-ray drive would I need and what software would I need. My CPU, memory, video card are fine. I'm running XP. If there is a post that answers this just point me there! Thanks for the help!
  2. Hoffhines

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    Sorry for the bump, but could anyone help me?
    I've looked and all I can find is how to compress the original movie to the Hard drive. I was curious if this is the only way to do this, what do I give up as far as quality to the original movie? Meaning, when I back up my copy of an owned BR disk to my hardrive and then burn to a blank BR disk, what am i giving up? Do I lose picture quality, sound, menus??? Thanks

    My overall goal is to backup a copy of a BR disc to a blank BR disk and not lose any quality. I don't care about losing previews, games, subtitles and so forth. Thanks for your help, you all are great!
  3. Rusty257

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    why would you lose quality? do you lose quality when making 1:1 copies of DVDs? no.
  4. SamuriHL

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    Make sure AnyDVD HD is loaded, load up ImgBurn, insert disc, rip to ISO, insert blank disc, write from ISO. So long as it's not a BD+ protected disc you're good to go. Obviously you need to get a Blu-ray burner and blank media(dual layer for dual layer movies, etc), but, this is all quite possible and being done by several members of the forum. I'm not one of them as I don't feel the cost is beneficial yet. When burners and media drop in price I'll jump in. Anyway, this is as 1:1 as you're going to get. AACS will be removed but everything else on the disc will be preserved. And again, until a new version of AnyDVD is released to handle it, BD+ protected discs will not work.
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    Is there a list or help on what discs are BD+
  6. SamuriHL

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    See FOX studios for list of discs.