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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by maorcutt, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. maorcutt

    maorcutt Member

    Anybody been able to use One Click DVD with AnyDVD? Any help would be appreciated. :confused:
  2. TerryLP

    TerryLP Member

    I have 1 Click DVD Copy 5 and 1 Click DVD Copy Pro. You did not say to which program you were referring, but both work with AnyDVD extermely well. If you are having a problem, it might help if you could provide a few details. I am sure that you will find a great deal of assistance on this Forum.
  3. jr moore

    jr moore New Member

    hi i am using one click DVD pro and any DVD and have never had a problem until now i keep getting an error code on Saw 3 any help would be appreciated. thanx
  4. maorcutt

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    NOt sure, I was asking for a friend but I'll ask him. A problem I'm having is that every DVD I place in my reader gets an error while decrypting. Not been ablr to rip a single DVD yet with CloneDVD. I'm still using DVDXCopy Express and Platinum with AnyDVD and that combo works very well. Going to try a different reader tonight and see if this is my problem. Thanks guys.:D
  5. TPLAT

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    What version of 1Click are you using? Try posting the 1Click log for it. If you have a recent version open 1Click and press your F8-key then copy and paste the log for it.
  6. maorcutt

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    Used my burner(Micro Advantage 16x DL +/- RW Drive) and worked great! Thanks to all those who have posted drive problems in the past.:agree:
  7. Webslinger

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    Glad it's working for you.