Old Version on XP Pro laptop.

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    wonder how i can go about getting the "upgraded" version for my Win10 laptop? I have a registered and licensed copy running on my Very old XP laptop( 2005 Acer), the laptop is about to crash hard. When i bought my version of ANYDVD it was supposed to be a forever lisc, then the company shutdown so it never could upgrade anymore, and now it is practically useless due to new DVD processing etc. an plus my XP pc is soooooo slow, app is useless pretty much. I wonder who do i need to speak With to see about A. upgrade and install to my New PC. and/or how i can xfer the app from old PC to my new one, and have Redfox send me my lisc key so i can continue to use product/and get it upgraded to latest version. Or B. Down load the new version for free if i supply REDFOX my key code?

    if anyone has gone through this process let me know! I would like to hear from you.

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    When slysoft got shut down by the authorities, they effectively took everyone's license key with it. They were lifetime licenses, you were given lifetime updates for the lifetime of the company. You can't expect something that doesn't exist anymore, to push out updates. The license also still works up to 7695. There is no transferring of licenses possible, at all. There were introductory discounts when redfox started but that's more than 2 years ago now, there's only 1 option. Purchase a new license, redfox also does the regular 20% off +10% if bought with cryptocurrency.

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