Old SlySoft Program No Longer Works

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  1. Further testing...
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    'scuze me, but how is RedFox screwing with you when a program produced by SlySoft attempts to connect to servers once maintained by SlySoft, but no longer exist because they were forcibly shut down (signalling the end of a SlySoft lifetime license)? You're not even using one of the 7.6.9.x 'courtesy' updates provided prior to RedFox setting up shop. Seems a stretch...

    Want to have access to an online database? RedFox maintains one for their license holders.
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    Given the age of the last official SlySoft release of AnyDVD it's a given that there are newer or tweaked protections that cannot be properly handled. Furthermore, there was a transition from the SlySoft OPD (Online Protection Database) to a newer RedFox OPD which also saw some changes in how it functions. Older SlySoft version owners were given a grace period before the SlySoft OPD access was ended. For AnyDVD to handle the most up-to-date protections one should be using the latest version which would be the latest RedFox release of AnyDVD and have access to the RedFox AnyDVD OPD.

    Note: Even given the fact that the final SlySoft release of AnyDVD can no longer access the OPD it still handles a huge amount of DVDs without issue. Newer DVD releases since then or some oddball releases not encountered before might pose an issue but it still handles a large amount of discs. But, it shouldn't be expected to handle John Wick: Chapter 2, for instance. With respect to Blu-ray then the final SlySoft release is going to show its age more quickly due to the protections used and the industry putting more attention into thwarting backups of Blu-rays these days.

    Without rehashing an already over-rehashed discussion, the loss of SlySoft was big but beyond the control of anyone. It happened and it hurt the entire community that wants to protect their investment in physical media. Those involved with SlySoft could simply have bowed out and walked away and never been heard from again or... carry on the torch. Thankfully, key developers and staff decided on the latter but to do so required, unfortunately, having the infrastructure to support development which involves servers, money coming in, and the ability to pay employees. So, sadly, new RedFox licenses were required which are not insanely priced and were discounted when the transition took place which was quite some time ago now. Anyone who has used AnyDVD knows that it winds up paying for itself and is a constantly updated, supported, and reliable.

    I highly recommend reading at least the first few pages of this thread: https://forum.redfox.bz/threads/no-fox-no-job-no-future.68331/ with special attention to the questions/comments made by former SlySoft and RedFox Project members. The thread, frankly, covers nearly everything there is to cover.

    I'll quietly move on from this thread now unless there is a specific question pertaining to something I said but we do not need another never-ending discussion on how RedFox was wrong, etc, etc. We're not beating a dead horse again.

    NOTE: I do not know if CaribbeanBlues edited the original posting but my impression is that it was given d00zah's reply and I only see the "Further testing..." post. I am not attacking CaribbeanBlues with my response. I'm merely presenting what has occurred and only what I can see about this thread.
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  4. I get it. d00zah doesn't understand, but that didn't keep him/her from posting. As for DrinkLyeAndDie (huh?), no, I didn't even see that response prior to first trying to delete my post, then simply editing it down to nothing when, silly me, I couldn't figure out how to delete. So, since you seem reasonable, this is what I see happening. (Probably an old issue already addressed, but here goes.)

    1) It is not a "new company" in any real sense. Same programmers, same software, same client database. Nonetheless, I understand what was publicized, I will accept it as truth, and go on from there.

    2) These are not new issues of a disc with new protection schemes. These are the same discs using the same program and suddenly they don't work, nor do (where I have had a chance to test it) other discs of the same product work. So, what changed?

    3) I am certainly not asking RedFox to update anything I am using. Indeed, I am asking them not to. Leave it alone, as a matter of "good faith," working as it always did. When new movies come out using new schemes and "the old stuff no longer gets the job done," then people like me will have to decide what to do. In this case, it "appears" that someone changed something making my software no longer work.

    As for your comment in general, I appreciate it and it is helpful. Thanks!
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    First of all, I would like to apologize to CaribbeanBlues & the community for my tone. I DO understand, but as the post I was reacting to is gone, any further explanation is moot. Sorry.
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    I only saw the two posts and d00zah's post merely appeared to be a response to a completely different post but one I never saw. My reading of the two posts all I could come up with was that you edited your post after d00zah's reply. It was the only way I could make logical sense of things. I was scratching my head wondering what exactly I was missing. :)

    If SlySoft AnyDVD worked before on the same DVD and doesn't now then I'd start looking at the error message. Bad/worn/damaged/dirty disc? Maybe the problem is the optical reader or a host of other issues. But, if the disc had previously worked using the same version of AnyDVD then it should still work because there's no chance of a regression issue. Wouldn't hurt to post logs for problematic discs, either. Now, if we are talking about a Blu-ray then things are more complicated due to all the mechanisms involved and, again, more info is needed and logs wouldn't hurt.

    There was a conspiracy theory by some disgruntled people when SlySoft died and RedFox was being birthed about the final releases of SlySoft AnyDVD being time-bombed. This theory was utter and complete BS. Not saying you were/are one of these people but the misinfomation was discussed and it spread and some others took it as fact. The only change was the loss of access to the OPD and that wasn't a time-bomb.

    If previous versions of AnyDVD worked and then a new version did not then I'm prone to say that a code change which fixed or enhanced the software in one way may have lead to unintended problems somewhere else. But, more information is needed to figure anything out.

    Glad to help if I did at all. You're welcome.
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