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    OK, progress report. I installed the "friendly" ASUS drive. Loaded up my newly purchased copy of CloneBD. Put Star Trek Beyond 4K in the ASUS, and Zowie! AnyDVD recognized it! I then had it copy the ISO to hard drive. Now it was CloneBD's turn to make what I assumed to be the decrypted ISO into an MKV file. Nope! Clone BD gave an Error message almost immediately, and generated a LOG file. I did the procedure twice. Same result both times, see attached LOG file.To see if it worked on a Blu Ray, I used CloneBD on Atomic Blonde ISO, and it made the MKV file, which plays perfectly on PowerDVD. I sent the LOG file to Bugs@elby.ch on Monday... Black Hole. Any Ideas how this newby went wrong?

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    Sorry, bugs@elby.ch is not a support line - the log files sent there are analysed for bugfixes - and in many cases you get informed about the progress and changes when a new release comes out.
    Support is either https://www.elby.ch/contact.html or here in the forum.

    Yes, I can see, that you have an nVidia GTX 660 - and attempted to encode UHD resolution AVC (3840x2160), which would require AVC level 5.1 - that is apparently not supported by your GPU.
    We'll have to add an appropriate detection for this situation to automatically revert to sw transcoding.

    You have 3 alternatives:
    1. disable HW acceleration for this scenario. Note, though, that downconverting HEVC10-HDR content to SDR is immensely CPU-hungry and for performance reasons CloneBD does a "poor man's color conversion" in this case. The result is good but not perfect
    2. Reduce resolution to 1920x1080
    3. afford a new GPU (GTX 1050 and up will handle all current codecs).
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    Sorry, I didn't understand the procedure. Thank you for your reply. I'll buy a new graphics card to fix the problem.