OEMed Matshita and SONY PC

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    This is a tip to help deciding about buying a new PC and avoiding getting stuck with a Matshita region-locked drive.

    Be careful with buying recent Sony VAIO computers

    SONY may be using a Hitachi HTS727575A9E364 drive in these machines.

    It turns our this is an OEMed Matshita BD-CMB UJ167AM and is indeed firmware locked.
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    Also be careful of some Toshiba laptops

    Some of the Toshiba laptops coming out now have Matshita locked drives and will NOT work with AnyDVD. I found out the hard way. When ordering a computer from them, I had specifically asked (knowing from previous experience that I shouldn't get a Matshita locked drive) them if their computers had Matshita or Toshiba drives. I was told they were all Toshiba and that I shouldn't worry. When I got my new computer and figured out they were wrong, I had to send back the computer (because they had misinformed me about the drive, as well as some other problems with it) and get another model. It is very deceptive and totally random, as far as I can tell. I wanted a computer with 2 HDs, the P870, but had to settle for the model with 1, P850, because the other had the Matshita and wouldn't play anything but region 1/region A. There was also some playing s/w on this computer and peculiar to Windows 8, which also helped prevent me from playing anything else. The computer I purchased which was OK with the Toshiba Satellite P850 with a Toshiba BD-RW BDR-TD04S BD burner. I no longer have the bad Matshita model number, but it comes automatically with a Satellite P870. Even though on the receipt they send you electronically the drive has the same part number: "Product code ODD0012", these are definitely NOT the same drives. When assembled in China, these computers are put together differently, depending on which model you get. To view DVDs/BDs, I use CyberLink's PowerDVD. For the Windows 8, be aware, if you use this s/w, you need to upgrade to VERSION 13! or it won't work. v. 13, however, worked like a charm with all my Slysoft products to give me (FINALLY) a satisfying watching and copying experience. Thanks to Frank and everyone else for providing these products. BTW, any idea when the BD copying s/w will be available, anyone? Thanks, SRE.
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    Great feedback. Thanks. As for the BD program, Slyce is still taking its time and we are aiming for June/July.