Oblivion revisited

Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by GameKing, Jan 1, 2008.

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    I just got Game Jackal and installed five games. They all work flawlessly. First time! For some I used the supplied profile, and for others I created a custom profile. (Age of Mythology, AoE III, Two Worlds, Rise of Legends and LotR Battle for Middle Earth.) My point being I think I have a handle on how to use GJ.

    However, Oblivion has me stumped. I have used the supplied profile and also created a custom profile. I read all of the previous thread and tried the several suggestions there--without success. I suspect that the problem might be that I am running Vista Home Premium.

    I am hoping that some of the many folk who reported problems on the last thread have since found a solution. If so perhaps you could share your "tricks"

    e.g. Is there any benefit to trying an older version of GJ?
    My version of Oblivion is on DVD, could this be the problem?

    BTW, My copy of GJ is the latest and has been paid for. Further, all my games are originals.

    Happy New Year!