Nvidia shield issue with Atmos and DTSX

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by TheSound, Oct 16, 2018.

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    I observed an ugly issue with my shield TV. I use it since August 2017 and it was never a problem to play properly movies with Dolby Atmos or DTS:X soundtracks using Kodi 17.3 or 17.6.

    Now this changed. Kodi recognizes Atmos only as True HD and DTSX as DTS. A quick check with the MX player shows the same result. The only modification was the Shield update to the experience update 7.1.

    Is anybody here perhaps familiar with such kind of issue? To be clear, its not the known issue, that Kodi has a problem to handle the high definition dolby and dts levels. It seems, it cant recognize the 3D sound levels of the audio track

    @James, do you perhaps have an idea? As i know that you know the shield a bit...
  2. James

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    No problem here.

    I don't think Kodi ever recognized Atmos or DTS:X. It doesn't have to. Every player, which supports HD Audio bitstreaming, automatically supports Atmos / DTS:X / Auro / whatever.
    On the PC I use PowerDVD 10 to play Atmos & Co. Audio. Or my old BroadComm BD reference player (10 years old?) plays Atmos & Co. without problems.
    If Kodi & Shield output the HD audio track (receiver says "True HD" or "DTS HD") the audio track either is not Atmos / DTS:X, or the receiver is broken.
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  3. TheSound

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    Hi James, thanks for the hint, the direction fitted... The issue was an accidently applied avr sound mode change during playing an atmos movie... It took me so long to find, because it only gets visible if the sound mode is checked DURING playing an atmos movie...