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    As we know, the nVidia Shield 2019 models support Dolby Vision decoding.

    In the past 6+ months a lot of effort has been put into packaging Dolby Vision video into various containers. Originally it started out in MP4 but that gave them limited audio options (i.e. no HD audio formats). Then TSMuxer started getting updates to handle Dolby Vision within TS containers. That was a huge step forward but still had a few limitations. But at least at that point we could have Dolby Vision and HD audio formats in a container that would play in Plex on the SHIELD. But we had some challenges with subtitles. Still, this was fantastic.

    Well, things are changing again. The MKV spec was officially updated with support for storing the necessary Dolby Vision metadata. MakeMKV has been updated to support this new MKV standard. (I have requested the same support be added to CloneBD, as well.) The only thing left was player support. That's where we're at...waiting for the players to adopt this new format. However, in the meantime, a pull request was made to exoplayer on the SHIELD to add that support. Hopefully this will get accepted and pushed to exoplayer. That'll be nice. Plex has also been highly interested in the new MKV spec and will adopt it at some point in the future. Unknown when that'll happen. However, a user that's been instrumental in pushing Dolby Vision support forward in the community has released a demo exoplayer APK that contains the support needed to use the new MKV's. I've sideloaded it to my Shield Pro 2019 and configured Kodi to use it. I am now watching Top Gun inn Dolby Vision with Dolby ATMOS from an MKV stored on my NAS.

    The holy grail of Dolby Vision backup support has arrived. As the players get officially updated to support this, things will only get better and easier for us. Quite frankly this is not a day I ever thought we'd see. I could not be happier that this is finally happening. One MKV for playback on all my devices, be it dynamically tone mapped HDR using madvr on my HTPC, or Dolby Vision on the SHIELD. Amazing!
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    Hello SamuraiHL, would you please tell me where I can download the Demo-Exoplayer-APK. Many thanks. Thaispawn
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