nVidia GPU acc - ability to select output resolution, BD25/50 max bitrate

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    I am considering of buying your software and nVidia GPU GTX 1060 or RTX 2060.

    Both are suffering 2176p/1088p issue. Which means that output video of encoder is multiple by 32. so from 2160p result is 2176p (3840x2176), which cannout be played by several BD players.

    For example https://forums.developer.nvidia.com...2160-results-in-coded-size-of-3840x2176/60107

    ME and I think others would love to have the ability to set encoder output to 2144p (also multiple of 32) during UHD copy. I did some test and video with resolution 3840x2144 is playable on all players I own.


    I am not sure if its implemented or not... But when I am creating UHD BD50, I know that final bitrated is calcualted based on BD50 size --- 47.75Gb, but I wondering if it also considers maximum BD50 bitrate?

    Example... i have UHD movie with spikes 90-100 mb/s bit, which is like 50GB big (For example Detective Pikachu), I want to convert it to BD50, so will it create video with 100MB/s rate (which will stutter durign playback, because BD50 doesnt have that much transfer speed) or will it convert it to video with approx 45Mb/s bitrate?

    BD50 48Mbps & max data transfer rate is 54Mbps...

    Thanks David
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