NVIDIA 397.93 WHQL drivers (2018-05-24)

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    New day. New drivers.

    A couple things I observed:

    • The first prompt after the files are unpacked and the installer is run is the choice to install the GeForce Drivers & NVIDIA GeForce Experience or just the GeForce drivers. I believe this is new. If not then I somehow never paid much notice before. Sidenote: You could already deselect the GeForce Experience in the installation settings so this seems to be nothing more than redundancy for lazy people who don't bother to ever actually pay attention to settings when they install software.
    • During the initial "Preparing to install" phase of things I looked away to do some other things. A couple minutes passed and I looked back. It was still on the preparing phase. Way longer than normal, I might add. So, I got a little irritated and pondered what I was going to do if it just continued to sit there. I checked Task Manager and the process was using 12% CPU so it wasn't just dead in the water. Anyway, it finally actually decided to install and the rest went smoothly. I'm merely noting this in the event it happens to anyone else. This is not the norm in my experiences with installing the drivers.
    As always the drivers can be obtained from NVIDIA's website: http://www.nvidia.com.
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    I installed that NVidia driver when I noticed GeForce Experience alerted there was a driver update available. Neither of my PCs that have an NVidia video card took more than a minute to complete the update process.