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  1. voodooevil

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    I live in the US and will be visiting family/friends in Poland. And would like to take some movies with me to watch.

    The DVD's I own are in NTSC, how can I convert them to PAL??

    thanks for any help.....

  2. jamieuk147

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    pal is better....
  3. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    I'd really recommend using a DVD player that can handle both formats. Ask your relatives if their player can. If it does then you don't need to convert anything. If their player doesn't or they don't know then check out Nero Vision.

    Which is really beside the point. If it doesn't play on the DVD player being used then it's worthless format.
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  4. Jellies

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    change NTSC to PAL

    Hi I've just done this for some (home) movies my sister sent me from the states
    It takes a while...
    If you open any DVD first and go into Video DVD change the default setting to region you want the DVD to be and tick all the boxes then copy using clone DVD2 the new DVD should now be PAL...
    It worked for mine!:) oh but only if their DVD player will take DVDR
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  5. Daneel

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    And, of course, the TV has to support NTSC, too...
  6. Webslinger

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    No, not if the dvd player converts one format to another
  7. HAMsmoke

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    I don't believe this can work for anyone. It is a known fact that AnyDVD does not convert NTSC to PAL or visa versa. It also does not change a region code, it removes them.

    You can use AnyDVD to make a region free copy of either a PAL or NTSC DVD, but you need some other software, say NeroVision, or simpler, ConvertXtoDVD. Some other people claim to have success with IFOEdit, but that seems hit or miss to me.
  8. Jellies

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    But surely

    That may be the case but my DVD player which plays copies played the region free which had been NTSC, why do you need the region code if it works uncoded? :confused:
  9. Webslinger

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    You don't need a region code. You do need the capacity to play whatever format (NTSC or PAL) the original disc is in. Otherwise you need to convert the format.
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  10. mike20021969

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    not sure what jellies did,but it didn't convert ntsc to pal by ticking a box in anydvd's settings then copying with clonedvd2.

    webslinger is right...jellies player supports both ntsc and pal formats.
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  11. Frank

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    Outside of R1 there is no such trouble

    Many retailers, especially outside North America, sell players that have already been modified for multiple regions, or in some cases they simply provide instructions on how to access the "secret" region change features already built into the player.

    Almost all DVD players sold in PAL countries play both kinds of discs. Almost all DVD players sold in North America will ONLY play NTSC. Sorry, that's the manufacturer's decision, I assume.

    These multi-standard players in PAL countries partially convert NTSC to a 60-Hz PAL (4.43 NTSC) signal. The player uses the PAL 4.43-MHz color subcarrier encoding format but keeps the 525/60 NTSC scanning rate.
    Most modern PAL TVs can handle this "pseudo-PAL" signal.

    Bottom line: NTSC discs (with Dolby Digital audio) play on over 95% of DVD systems worldwide.

    Hope this helps.
  12. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    I'm not fully sure I understand Jellies' last post but... there is a difference between supporting both the NTSC & PAL formats and the player being able to play discs from all regions. Removing the whole discussion of which players are better at converting when necessary (ie Oppo) the connection between the format and the region is important to remember and realize that format and region are two different things.

    If a disc that has had it's region coding removed suddenly plays in a player that refused to play the disc before then the answer is clear. The success means that the player supports both NTSC & PAL formats but does not allow playing the region codes associated with the format.

    Many people in the US will buy DVD players that are locked to Region 1. If the disc you buy doesn't include Region 1 or is region-free then you can't watch the disc. The format doesn't even matter. If you happen to have picked the right company and model of player then, as Frank mentioned, you can make the player region-free so that it plays discs from all regions. If you are even more lucky you may have bought a player that allows you to flash the firmware and make it region-free and macrovision-free. The best solution is an Oppo player but they aren't the cheapest in the world.

    In short, if you ripped the disc with AnyDVD & CloneDVD or just AnyDVD which removes the region code and then the disc plays fine it means that the dvd player is region locked and that is why the original disc would not play and it also means that the format is irrelevant.