November 6th- likely BD+ premier day

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    October 23rd- likely BD+ premier day

    October 23rd is the day Disney will releae Meet the Robinsons on Bluray, and November 6th is the day Disney will release cars on blu-ray. If there is any studio that is going to use bd+, it will be disney. So I am posting this as the likely day that BD+ will be exposed for cracking, I mean released to the public.

    Let's go Slysoft! :D
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  2. iansilv

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    Actually- scratch that- Master and Commander is out on 10/2- its fox/mgm- maybe that is when we will see the first BD+ on shelves.

    I think that BD+ being broken would really be a kick in the pants to Blu-Ray.
  3. Hawk

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    Will be victiory for all of us when BD+ is broken. may be we should celebrate with something.
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    Some wine. It's on me.