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Nothing works since the Slysoft update


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Apr 6, 2007
I am running Win XP SP 2 on an Intel Duo Core 6300 Slot 775 CPU with 2 GB RAM.

Since I've updated to the Slysoft version of GameJackal, none of my profiles have worked. They either go back to the desktop or an error message about inserting the CD/DVD or it detects a virtual drive where the only virtual drive is GameJackal. I use to have working profiles for FEAR, Civilization IV, Jade Empire, Titan Quest, Tombraider Legend, Indigo Prophecy, Oblivion, Prey and Neverwinter Nights - now none of them work. I have tried making profiles for other games and no luck there either. What's up?

My issue with GameJackal since the buy-out is resolved with the last revision of GameJackal (v2.9.18.565). While the prepared profiles cause me grief, if I create my own profiles for the games that I had working before, all works. I am now able to create new profiles that work too. I now have the following games working:

Civilization IV (CD-ROM)
Titan Quest (DVD)
Titan Quest Immortal Throne (DVD)
Tomb Raider Legend (DVD)
Stalker (DVD)
Act of War (DVD)
Marvel Ultimate Alliance (DVD)
Jade Empire SE (DVD)
Fear (CD-ROM)
Oblivion (DVD)
Indigo Prophecy (CD-ROM)

Thanks! Can't wait until you can get it to work with the Jowood stuff.
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