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Not working correctly


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May 20, 2007
Virtual clone drive seems to be working fine. I can run the application where the window pops up that lets you adjust the number of drives and has a check box for "virtual sheep" and "automount last image."

But there is no icon showing up in "my computer" folder. Also when I double click on a file it does not mount it for me and it does not show up in my computer.

I have two computers, one XP and one Vista. The Vista one has no problem, but the XP is the one having the issue (the same file runs on vista but not xp).

I kind of follow but not completely. Unfortunately, I'm lost, too.
Best advise I got was to restart the whole computer and try again fresh. Then you can make your sheep.

I was told to mount my files from opening my computer and then right clicking on the sheep and picking the file where the image.dvd was located.

I don't know if this helps. But, there are nice people helping in this area of the forum. So, maybe give us more details.