Not true Copied Saw3 With ANYDVD & DVD Shrink 3.2

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    Look and read.... If you would have you would have seen how to copy the main movie using ANY DVD AND SHRINK. I am sure Clone2 works well and you get 21 days of use but DVD Shrink is a Freeware... Yes it isn't updated but I will use it for as long as possible with the help of my friends at SlySoft... Any DVD has always meant I could back up any of my collection...DVD Shrink 3.2 is hard for me to let go!!!! I will some day go to Clone2, but only when all else fails..........
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    clonedvd2 has been out for yonks.are you not getting the free updates to the program?
  3. TuqueNukem

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    SAW3 Rip Re-author OK

    I too confirm that using AnyDVD to rip Saw3 and then using DVDShrink to re-author the main movie works fine up here in the frozen north as well as in the dry heat of Arizona.

    Thanks Anthony :clap:
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    clyde, did you do what Slyfox 1 told you to do?

    From what I can see it looks like you're the one at fault.
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    :agree: to your quote. :agree:
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    I understand some users may not like a program, but there is no legitimate reason to act like that.
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    His post has been reported and did a lookup on his username and the other 2 threads he posted in were locked.
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    Former forum member Clyde has been dealt with. Now lets get back on-topic please.:policeman:
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    Thanks for the swift action on the matter, alan. :)
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    Does anyone else here besides me use ICOPYDVDS2?I have been able to burn both SawIII and Grudge 2 with it along with the latest version of AnyDvd allbeit just the main movie and not all the extras.Im not going to get picky.As long as the main movie works im satisfied.......if i can get the whole thing to burn im satisfied too.LOL It's not worth me getting all twisted up in a knot as long as i can watch the movie.:)
  11. icedog31

    icedog31 Active Member you ever get the feeling that you're trying to run a daycare center sometimes?LOL You have more patience than i do.
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    The mods are trying to make everything run smoothly on the boards. But I don't think any of us want to have to read everyone's posts to ensure there's no swearing, flaming, etc. It would be nice if people would just follow the rules.
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    Thank you for the acknowledgement. It's nice to hear from people around the country..
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    Open Season (Copied) & Saw 3 (?)

    Well i was able to copy and shrink open season by using nero recode 2 (even though it only compresses non protected dvds) so i opened up anyDVD and jus left it open 2 remove the protection & etc. Saw 3, you should b able 2 use that method with no problem, i downloaded Saw 3 (full dvd) so i can't really confirm, but open anyDvd and let it remove all the protection. Then open nero recode 2, open the dvd (the dvd should open up), then choose the target size with would be dvd-5 (4.7 gb). Bad part about this is the quality adjustments, if you make the main movie quality better the extras and menus quality will go down. So try 2 choose an appropriate level. Then after the copy i got an error when trying to play the copied dvd folder with nero showtime, so i used FixVTS, after the new files where made i deleted the old ones and try to play the FixVTS folder, i still got an error. I used Vob Blanker n sum files were marked as skip, I right click those clip(s) n unskip them. after Vob Blanker does it job, I played the FixVts folder with the new files and it worked!!!:clap: So try that method for Saw 3 and happy copying!
  15. RAMROD

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    anydvd and clonedvd2 and grudge 2

    i backed up all of grudge 2 including menus with anydvd and clonedvd2

    i should have not quoted i hit the wrong button sorry all
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  16. DetroitBaseball

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    But the poster you quoted said they used Shrink. DVD Shrink doesn't work with Grudge 2.
  17. anthonyp8339

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    Here We Go Again

    Any DVD RIPPER will copy The Grudge 2. Source (D) Destionation (C) after done ripping close application..Start DVD Shrink open files find click on.. The rest should be able to figure out. Must send to another folder ex. my docs. when done recopying can reauthor or do full backup.. Time is the key factor- takes time- less if only main movie..
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    Your various posts that have nothing to do with Anydvd have been moved here to the Third Party forum:

    As has your previous thread. It wasn't deleted. Had you bothered to use the search functions of the forums, this would have been obvious.
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    sorry should have not quoted my bad
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