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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by agentriston, Feb 1, 2007.

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    Is your region code set right?
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    His old drive does not recognize commercial dvds. It can't see video_ts folders--nothing--even when Anydvd isn't on his system.
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    Sounds to me like it is dieing. If AnyDVD isn't installed, how could it be responsible? Get a new drive, they have good ones for $30-$35. I got that Pioneer DVR-112D for about $35 Web, works great.
  4. Webslinger

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    It's not. A number of people, including myself, have already established this a long time ago.

    Cool. I haven't seen an official review yet, but I've read good stuff about it. Pioneer drives in the past, the 111 at least, were relatively well built.
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    Agreed - If AnyDVD HAD NEVER BEEN INSTALLED, it could not be responsible. But it was installed - afterwards?... read the thread!

    Don't get me wrong - I'm not here to bash AnyDVD nor SlySoft. I have bought AnyDVD and Clone DVD after this experience. But I won't subscribe to the naive idea that installing and un-installing a piece of software - any software, leaves a system exactly as it was prior to the original installation.

    Webslinger likes analogies.

    I have a perfectly working 60w table light with a 3 amp fuse fitted. I install a 500w bulb. Suddently the lamp does not work any more? Coincidence? I take the 500w bulb out and replace it with the 60w bulb (so the 500w bulb can not have anything to do with the problem)- still no joy? Well, sh*t happens - maybe this was just the time for the lamp to go to lamp heaven. Or maybe the 500w bulb blew the fuse?

    As the Americans say - "Do the Math"
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    Anydvd does not cause hardware failures in drives. Anydvd does not alter the drive's firmware.

    Sure seems like it to me.

    The problem with your analogy is that Anydvd is a piece of software--not hardware. There's nothing in Anydvd's coding that can physically damage drives. Period

    And you forgot something your analogy. You went out and replaced the faulty part, and now the lamp works fine.

    It's warmer outside today. I used Anydvd today. Anydvd must be responsible for global warming.

    I'm not American.
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    Americans Math

    That's one of the problems. From the junk that's taught in schools these days, kids can't even make change without a calculator of some kind. Don't ask them to "do the math". :agree:
  8. electricman

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    I do not doubt that for a second. It would be interesting to see if the drive works in another system.

    How can you be so certain? I am assuming you don't work for SlySoft. Even if you do, no one knows how software will work in every environment. The best developers will tell you there are always unforseen problems/challenges with software. That is why they generally have beta trials and always have legal disclaimers attached to licensing agreements.

    I replaced the lamp.

    Sorry - lazy use of "you" I corrected my mistake.
  9. Webslinger

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    Yes, and if it does, then the drive isn't damaged--and something on your system is blocking Anydvd from working properly (and as I mentioned before it would still be in your best interest to ask whomever you bought the drive from for a firmware update; if it's Compaq, then ask Compaq). The most likely culprit would be either firmware or a bad ide/ata busmaster driver. But given that you put in a new burner, and it works, then chances are your original burner was dying.

    I don't.

    The only way in which Anydvd could "wreck" drives is by running Anydvd ripper non-stop--but that would just be a result of normal wear and tear; it would be akin to blaming Blizzard Entertainment for wearing out graphics cards because people play World of Warcraft non-stop with poorly ventilated systems.

    Of course there are--but Anydvd does not physically damage drives, and you can take that to the bank.

    Then your analogy doesn't make any sense, because Anydvd can't be part of your lamp--as a lightbulb. Here is a better analogy:

    The year is 3050.
    A guy could see properly, but after putting on his new wrap-around shades he found he couldn't see at all. He was puzzled. He bought these new wrap-around shades to help him see better while driving. He took the shades off again. Damn. He still couldn't see.

    He goes to see a doctor. The doctor pops out the guy's eyeballs, and gives him new ocular implants. Suddenly he can see again. He puts on his shades. They work! He can see roads clearly; the horizon looks more brilliant than ever.

    Electricman says, "I'm 99% sure the shades caused his eye damage."
    A number of other people say, "I think his eyes were going bad."

    And in the meantime, my girlfriend's rabbit, Bugs, is chewing through my RJ45 cables. Must be Anydvd's fault . . .
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    LOL :D :D :D :D
  11. electricman

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    Get a life! :D
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    No one ever appreciates my stupid stories. :)
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    Ok, Thank you for your comments.
    I have tried every region code with the exact same result. It will just not read my Original or in fact a Copy DVD. But it will read my CD's ok (Very strange).

    Now, I decided to remove AnyDVD and try this version instead, 2006 07 28

    Guess what it now works ok. (Explain that one then)

    I then removed and installed and my problem comes back.

    So, this is a Slysoft issue and no one can tell me otherwise. Hope this gets fixed soon.

    Thanks, MarkNZ
  14. Webslinger

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    I believe that's impossible. You would have run out of changes.
    So you must have tried it in Anydvd, which isn't the same thing.
    You have to exit Anydvd. And then you have to set the region code of your drive.

    1. Right click My Computer-->properties-->hardware-->device manager-->dvd/cd-rom drives-->whatever your drive is-->right click and select "properties"-->select "Dvd region". Select the appropriate country and make the change. Do this without Anydvd running.

    2. After, post your Anydvd status screen again with with a commercial original disc in your drive.

    3. For your external drive, try enabling "safe mode" in anydvd (click anydvd on your toolbar-->program settings-->"safe mode"

    4. There may be a firmware update as well for your external drive. visit
    Click on Device Driver->DVD-ROM(Writer)
    and try running the auto firmware updater

    5. Do steps 3 and 4 from please

    6. A firmware upgrade is also available for you as well for your internal Tsstcorp drive. visit
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  15. MarkNZ

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    Sorry still will not work.

    1. Have latest firmware allready

    2. Safe mode makes no difference

    3. The region code has been set to Region 3 in device manager for this drive.
    with anydvd not running. Still have same problem.

    I have tried my new brand new USB external drive on another computer at work with no problem at all. (NO AnyDVD on on my work computer)

  16. Webslinger

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  17. MarkNZ

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    I'm at work now, will try when I get home.

    Just one thing. I cant even see the commercial disk in my drive to get the status. (NO DISK IN DRIVE E - My external USB drive) If I put a commercial music CD in then i can do this, but like i said i will have to do this when i get home. One more thing this happens with Andvd running and off!!!!!
  18. Webslinger

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    But I thought you said your external drive works on your computer at work, right?

    So, if you uninstall Anydvd on your home computer, the external drive will work properly, right? At least, I thought that's what you meant.

    Anyway, I really would like to see step 4 from that link I posted (I would like to see what's in your lower and upper filters, please).

    1. Another thing to try is to remove all other USB devices from your system--except the external usb drive and see if that helps. Sometimes there are power issues associated with external USB devices.

    2. Even try the external usb drive on another usb port on your home computer.

    I occasionally have issues with an external usb Medusa 5.1 surround headset on my laptop--unless I also use an external powered usb hub, for instance. But if I put the headset in one of my other systems, it's fine.
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  19. MarkNZ

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    Yes it does. But I don't have AnyDVD on my work computer. I can Play a DVD on this drive with no problems at all using windows media player. I will try step4 when I get home. Oh yea, I have tried Other USB ports at home and all have the same issue.

  20. Webslinger

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    Try installing the trial and test on your work system. You can uninstall it after.

    O.k., also try removing all other USB devices, except that drive.
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