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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by agentriston, Feb 1, 2007.

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    Coaster,,,,, Perfect,,,,you said it so well !:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
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    I just had this very same problem too for the first time.
    Mines a new disc drive so I know its good,and I've ripped other stuff ok with it. I tried to rip 'Pope of greenwich village" And "Kuffs" and both times it doesn't recognize that there is even a disc in there. I got A different Kuffs disc and tried again and it still wont recognize a disc is in the drive.
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    I have just tried a DVD which is not copy protected - I can see the folders on the disk.

    Does this give anyone any clues?

    I also removed the UpperFilters and LowerFilters registry entries as suggested with no effect.

    I'm still backing up data so am not quite ready to do the rebuild!
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    It tells me, that PERHAPS your drive is OK, and your machine has a soft problem reading copy-protected DVD's. Like something interfering with AnyDVD's ability to do its job properly.

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    Well guys - I bit the bullet and spent 40 quid (80USD) on a new shiny Sony DVD writer - it works - first time!

    I suppose we will never get to the bottom of the problem now. I just couldn't face spending a frustrating weekend rebuilding my machine.

    Thanks for all your help - still not convinced though!
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    Well..... have you *tried* AnyDVD with the new drive?

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    It's your old drive.
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    If you disable Anydvd, and your drive still can't recognize the disc, then it's not an issue with Anydvd.
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    Yes - and it works. But I am still 99% sure AnyDVD caused the problem in the first place - and, don't even try to convince me otherwise.

    I'm Scottish - I was born a cynic

    Thanks for all you help - even if I have been a little grumpy!
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    lol :disagree:
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    I sure hope you don't work in diagnostics or troubleshooting. :D :D :D

    What's wrong with it?
    "I don't know, let me get out my Tarot Cards and Oija Board and we'll figgure it out"

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    I think we need to BOLD HIGHLIGHT or anything we can do to make sure people read Webslingers sig. Yes he is a moderator, but his message tones are to be excused because he is not anyone official. Just a user who spends many hours here trying to help people. And he does obviously get some what frustrated after a few hours of similar questions.

    Plenty helpful he can be, just don't read anything into....or be offended by any of his messages.
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    Ok, what am I being accused of this time? :doh:
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    Hi :)
    Who? Why? What? & Where? :confused:
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    Hang on dood - we'll find something. :D

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    I am a new member to this board. I to have been having this problem recently. I have in the past read post to solve other problems encountered like the W 10 11 error. I would like to add that I have found this problem does not only happen with a certain disk. While a disk may not show up in DVDClone or Explorer, after doing roll backs, Windows Updates, all of the above mentioned & several reboots, sometimes the disk becomes readable and the backup copy goes just fine. It will be the very next disk that starts the whole process over again. I have leaned toward the Drive itself going south and plan on replacing it. I also plan on doing a wipe of the hard disk and starting clean. I do run other software on this machine related to disk imaging and video editing. I will be sure to document all steps in software loaded to see IF & When this problem presents itself again.
    I felt obligated to join this forum after all the help it has provided me. I hope in the future I can return the favor.
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    Welcome Aboard! We need all the help we can get! :D :D

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    Although I still plan to wipe the Hard Disk, I have a difficult time trashing hardware if I’m not 100% convinced it has bit the dust. With that said, I have devoted this entire weekend to this problem. I believe I have found a work around "Band-Aid". At least it has been working for me. Like I said before, I found that it seems to be a moving target; it is not a certain disk that won't show on mine, it is more timing of was the PC just rebooted. Sometimes after a reboot, the disk shows in the drive, but not always.

    I found that when the media does not show up, if I insert a previously backed up copy, it will open a window showing the Video & Audio TS files, then through explorer, I see the Title of the Movie as I should. Then re-inserting the new disk to backup, it will also show up and the backup works flawlessly. Strangely enough, if after seeing the TS files in the window from the Backed Up copy, I should close the window before inserting the new movie; the new movie again will never show.

    On a side note, I notice that the Fox Icon is not showing in the systray along with some other processes that should and are showing as running in the task manager. Hence the reason for a clean install.

    Maybe this can aid in someone with more knowledge of the program on a diagnosis. Hope this can help keep the frustration level down for other users in the meantime. My blood pressure has definitely stabilized.
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    You know I've been having this issue for a long time. But I never needed to post a message here because I know it's not AnyDVD. I have about 10 PC's in my home, and just about all of them have a DVD-ROM drive and a few of them have DVD-burner. Whenever I have a DVD that won't read on my main machine's drive, I simply try all the others. And you'll be surprised at how many DVD-ROM's will not read many of the newer media. A couple of the drives still have newer firmware. After updating to the latest firmware, some of them will start to read the unreadable DVD's. Those firmware update is crucial as they contain info on the latest media (not title), i.e. media speed, media manufacturer, media material, media bar code, etc. With some drives, without these info, the drive will not be able to recognize the media. A lot of the drives doesn't have updated firmware just because the manufacturer has stopped supporting them (they want you to buy new ones). If all of the DVD drives that I have doesn't see a particular DVD, then I pull out the big guy, my portable USB Plextor. It reads them all. If I have the Plextor unit close by, then I don't even bother with trying it on other PC's. I just go directly to it. However, it's reading speed is at max of 4X. But like I said, it read them all. So for me, the culprit is the hardware, not software. So make sure you get the latest firmware for your drive. Going with a major brands also ensures you get updated firmwares. Note that NEC has now abandoned their DVD drive units to form the new OptiArc with Sony. So you can bet that you won't get updated firmwares for your NEC's any more. I know that Plextor's are expensive, but you get what you paid for. The 2 Plextor drives that I have are top performing drives. So this is another testimony that AnyDVD had nothing to do with not able to recognize a disc in a drive.