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  1. JohnnySH

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    Being a long standing customer that purchased ALL and I mean ALL old Clone Software back in the good ole days

    way before

    not sure what went on for clone elaborate bytes to disappear ?

    well many years later now .... our paths have crossed again

    as i'm on a massive mission ripping all my DVDs

    after trying a few rippers DVDFAB etc.

    i was considering purchasing passkey from FABDVD, but thought before I do i will try out ANYDVD again after 15years ago originally purchasing it the first time round.

    though think its a LIBERTY that all of our original clone software licences are now void for the same software!! what a cheek and disgrace after investing in life long licences!!!

    so been trying out ANYDVD as my main ripper and evaluating it, I must say NOT OVER IMPRESSED AT ALL

    I am using the latest version

    the latest version can not even RIP DVD DISC 1 or DVD DISC2 of Disneys Lady and the Tramp ( WTF ? )

    this DVD was purchased 15 years ago and ANYDVD can't RIP an ISO image to hard drive ?

    disk 1 just sits spinning in the drive while ANYDVD is trying to analyse the disc
    and disc 2 starts to copy and and bongs out 10% in to imaging the DVD

    So tried to do the same thing in FABDVD clone to iso image and it has worked perfectly and imaged both DVDs

    How can DVDFAB work and ANYDVD not !!! ANYDVD is suppose to be the TOP of the Game

    I guess it's not....

    can some one tell me why ANYDVD is so useless ? well at imaging lady and the tramp DVD
    was considering purchasing the current version

    but it can't even image a 15 year old version of lady and the tramp from a Disney DVD

    any info will be appreciated

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  2. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    You're not making any sense. Elaborate didn't disappear. And neither did CloneDVD2.

    You'll also need to post a lot more info that just 'cannot rip ....'. Please read the sticky 'how to ask for help'. It will tell you what info we need and how to post it.

    Nobody here has a crystal ball to know what you're problem is, is your have any errors, what the errors are...

    And you're not supposed to use the image ripper on a dvd. Anydvd gives you the warning for a reason.

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  3. JohnnySH

    JohnnySH Active Member

    so I have just noticed !!

    so ... they use to sell AnyDvd which I purchased years ago along with CloneCD / CLONE DVD and a few others

    Are these old Licences still valid ????

    why can't you rip to ISO ?? it the best way to archive the whole disc ?

    and I have done this using ANYDVD for many Disney films with no problems ! it's only Lady and the tramp ?


    the problem is ANYDVD can not deal with DISNEY LANDY AND THE TRAMP DVD

    Yet FABDVD can..

    you ask for more info, it just sits there and spins in the drive while it tries to analyse the disc

    yet I have ripped many other DISNEY films no problems

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  4. Silvers24

    Silvers24 Member

    Considering I have been using AnyDVD off and on for years, and finally registered here and will be buying a lifetime. And using the trial. It works without question.

    AnyDVD removes copy protection. I have never used AnyDVD by itself, as far as I know you can not use it itself to rip to a ISO, that is where you use stuff like clonedvd/bd or imgburn or other programs to convert into whatever you like.

    Would you like to see the ISO's I have created so far by using AnyDVD? Meaning the programs you use in conjection with?
  5. mmdavis

    mmdavis Well-Known Member

    Maybe, maybe not. Until you post an AnyDVD log, we'll never know.

    Could be a lot of things, but again, until you post an AnyDVD log, no one will know.
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  6. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Elby never sold anydvd, ever. So yes, those licenses are still very much verlof and working. You're talking about slysoft and they're very much dead and burried.

    Yes I'm asking for more info, and you're refusing to provide it. So again, please read the sticky 'Please read BEFORE YOU POST' on how to properly ask for help and provide the anydvd logfile. Without it, we can't help you.

    I also didn't say you can't rip to iso. I said you SHOULDN'T, there's a difference. One of the reasons being is that if the disc has what's called 'structural protection' on the DVD, it will be in the iso too. Structural protection is a mechanism that can't be removed on-the fly and requires reauthorize be ripping to folder, or by using CloneDVD2.

    No the problem isn't with anydvd at the moment, the problem is you're not providing the information we need to help you.

    Are you getting an error? If so, what's the exact error message? Where's your anydvd logfile... What other tools can't'can or can't do is irrelevant, these aren't their support forums.

    So again. Please read this

    Try again.

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  7. dbminter

    dbminter Well-Known Member

    Actually, it makes some sense that a 15 year old Disney DVD won't rip to an ISO in AnyDVD. That time frame is about the time when structural protection started appearing on DVD's, and Disney was an early and frequent adopter. If you encounter a structurally protected DVD, you should never use the ripper to rip that disc to ISO. The structural protection usually, but not always, is passed along to the ISO, rendering it useless for processing. Sometimes you can mount that ISO as a new virtual drive and re-rip to folder, but that doesn't always work. In fact, I had that case with a Disney DVD and re-ripping the mounted ISO didn't work. So, your best bet is to always rip to folder.

    However, that doesn't explain why AnyDVD just keeps reading the disc over and over again with no end in sight. Even ripping a structurally protected DVD to ISO should, at least, produce a final ISO result, even if it's corrupt for decrypting purposes.
  8. JohnnySH

    JohnnySH Active Member

    Thanks for your reply

    ok so let me get this right

    1) even though there is an option in ANYDVD to rip to iso...... DON'T
    2) if i want to rip to ISO I should use ANYDVD and CLONE DVD

    so what is the best format to save / archive my DVDs ? is it Folder or ISO

    but sadly the end goal is still no good for me as I want buy a new media player like Zidoo 1000pro or UHD2000 and stream from my NAS these images of my DVDs, which I don't think work ?? many people on various forums say don't bother imaging and just use make MKV, to only rip the main movie ?

    but then you lose all the original magic from the DVD / extras, etc.

    If i'm take the time out to rip the disk, I would really like it archived to it original format and then be able to play/stream to media player ?

    I also having issues where VLC player pause when switching between chapters, seem to get a 1 second pause. But putting this down to VLC player being poor at playing back dvd images

    as regards to the ANYDVD problem, the disk just spins in the drive continuously unless I disable the copy protection based on unredable sectors, but this is only on the lady and the tramp dvd

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  9. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Last time I'll be asking, anydvd logfile please or we simply can't help you. End of story.

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  10. JohnnySH

    JohnnySH Active Member


    Your very quick to stop helping anyone !

    I have already asked several question that have not been asked?

    Regarding your log files, YOUR SOFTWARE WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO CREATE YOU THE LOG FILE FROM RIGHT CLICK!! as the disc is always spinning and the fox in the taskbar never turns bright once the disc has completed it anaylising.

    THIS IS BUGGY SOFTWARE !!! as it will NOT exit from analysing lady and the Tramp DVD... it should at least timeout after the failed read!! or whatever it can not deal with!


    This disc just keeps spinning in the drive, it would do this forever if I let it, it's clear there are no watch dogs or time out in the software

    I have to eject the disk otherwise it will destroy my drive

    So please do not moan at me for not sending you the log files, I can do it for anyother DVD but not the one that is playing up Lady And The Tramp!

    Yet DVDFAB rips it fine, so there is nothing wrong with this disc, they are in mint condition, no marks at all

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  11. JohnnySH

    JohnnySH Active Member

    Don't think this any good

    but ejected the disk and then created a log file for you ??

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  12. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    First of, it's not "My" software. i don't work for redfox. Simply an advanced user and moderator.
    Second, Anydvd is anything BUT buggy. In many (if not all) aspects (to me at least) its far superior to DVDCrap and certainly a lot less bloated with unnecessary crap.
    Third. Try updating to the latest beta 8502, and you certainly shouldn't be using windows 7 anymore. It stopped receiving all suport almost a year ago
    Fourth What DVDCrap does is irrelevant, these arent their forums and that piece of bloatware works entirely different. Just because a disc "looks" to be in mint condition doesn't mean it is. This is an issue we see very frequently on these boards. Defective straight out of the plastic wrapper. The human eye can't see microscopic defects, a drive laser can.

    Now going on the fact that you say the drive reads other discs fine, i'd say you have a borderline dirty/defective discs on your hands.
  13. dbminter

    dbminter Well-Known Member

    As for why the ripping to ISO option is there, it's there for any disc you know is not structurally protected. Any disc that AnyDVD says is not structurally protected, ISO will work for those. Any disc with structural protection you should use the rip to folder option for. I always just rip to folder to avoid accidentally making an ISO of a structurally protected disc. I did that once and it was unusable, so, ever since then, I've always ripped to folder. That way, the output will always be usable. You can then create an ISO if you desire with the VIDEO_TS folder with something like ImgBurn, which is what I do. You'd also want to copy over any files and folders besides VIDEO_TS from the source disc, though. Though they won't be necessary for DVD playback, some special feature that access external content like web content may not work without those extra files and folders, though.

    As for why DVDFab works on this Lady And The Tramp disc, are you sure it does? Just because it completes "decryption" doesn't mean it decrypted it correctly. Have you tried playing the contents of DVDFab's rip? And I don't mean just processing them through another application, like CloneDVD. I mean actually playing the contents. Or even playing the contents of CloneDVD's processing. If the CloneDVD contents play without problem on a standalone DVD player, you know the DVDFab decryption process worked fine.

    Also, did you try disabling AnyDVD's protection based on unreadble sectors and see if you can generate a log file of Lady And The Tramp that way? Or try decrypting Lady And The Tramp with unreadable sector protection disabled? The disc could be badly authored. I had a cheap bootleg DVD that I knew didn't have structural protection on it and AnyDVD wouldn't process the disc until disabling protection based on unreadable sectors.

    There are also cases where damage on a disc not perceptible to the naked eye can cause AnyDVD to think there's structural protection on a disc. I have encountered that before.
  14. JohnnySH

    JohnnySH Active Member

    Thank you for your replies

    Dbminter, thank you for your post it is very positive and very much appreciated, much less aggressive and angry than Ch3vr0n,

    you points have been very much appreciated and noted, I can also tell you that DVD decrypter has also ripped this disc after trying DVDFAB and DVD Decrypter
    The only program that will not is ANYDVD ?

    Yes you are correct if i disable copy protection based on unreadable sectors, It does allow me to right click and choose create a log file

    which I am doing right now, but not sure it will finish the log file creation as it is doing the same as when trying to analyse, the disc just keeps spinning and will not exit ?

    that said, the point I was making is THIS ANYDVD software should not lockup or NEVER EXIT when in trouble, this is bad coding

    I am a embedded electronics C programmer and spend my life ensuring against this type of situation


    Where do we start with you?

    1) you need to calm yourself down, before you have a heart attack!
    2) please stop calling other software DVDCRAP, that's your opinion, so far it's it's seems ok and working well.
    I'm simply evaluating DVDFAB and ANYDVD before I purchase and seem to have more issues with ANYDVD ?
    3) I appreciate your help, but as a moderator and pro user, please have a little more courtesy, compassion and respect for people less knowledgeable than yourself as does Dbminter!
    4) Please stop discarding Windows 7 64bit, it is a FANTASTIC operating system, in lots of way FAR FAR better than windows 10 ever is !!! Windows 10 is full of crapware bloatware and other sh@t that I don't want, that just slows down good hardware.
    5) There is no GOOD reason to change to window 10 as this is not causing this ISSUE !! and I am quite happily ripping DVD after DVD in win7 with no problems!
    6) I have other windows 10 machines here, but will always prefer windows 7 even if its not supported anymore, this is NOT related to this issue, so please re frame from mentioning it!
    7) DVDFAB is relevant here, just like DVD Decrypter is relevant here!! because both of these programs have ripped lady and the tramp perfectly !
    8) Please stop indicating that ANYDVD is bug free, it's NOT! No one is saying it isn't any good, but if it was bug free the disc would not spin forever and I would be able to send you a log file :) IT HAS ISSUES !

    9)The only way I have been able to send you a more detailed log file is by ejecting the disc while it was trying to create a log file! again terrible !! the software should have timed out and created a logfile stating the errors etc.


    as a moderator please compose your help and message in a much calmer nicer respectful approach, calling other software crap and telling me shouldn't be doing this and that is NOT the right approach

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  15. JohnnySH

    JohnnySH Active Member

    after 5min of ANYDVD trying to create a log file of lady and the tramp I ejected the drive as it would have sat there forever spinning ??????

    and have sent the log file after eject, not sure if its any good

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  16. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    It worked fine for me but I had to borrow a fairly new copy from a neighbor with little kids and mine is R1 so it may be different
  17. JohnnySH

    JohnnySH Active Member

    thank you for the reply :)
  18. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    1. I'm not agressive at all, i just don't like repeating myself and beating around the bush. I'm perfectly calm
    2. it's my opinion indeed
    3. See 1
    4. No, that's 1 thing im nog going to stop. I know the OS has nothing to do with the problem at hand. That was just something i noticed.
    5. There very much is a good reason. Win 7 stopped getting all support and should not longer be used on an internet access enabled system. It's a blatant security risk. If the system is entirely offline, then no harm no foul. But to use it as a system with internet access is asking for trouble, major virusses, identity theft.... I loved it just as much as you still do. However current modern hardware simply won't have driver support for it (just to name 1 thing) and will run far less optimal than it would under 10. I'll agree comes with way to much "crap" bloatware. Seriously candycrush in an OS, some useless "people" icon and more. It could benefit from a very strict diet :)
    6. See 4 & 5
    7. Yes it's irrelevant. What other software does or doesn't do, has no impact on AnyDVD. They're developed by different parties, and work entirely different.
    8. I didn't say it was bug free, bugs can always exist. But to call it "Buggy Software" is stretching the truth, by a lot. Even the beta versions are pretty damn stable and can be considered stable tehnically. That there's no spinning timeout doesn't mean it's a bug, it could simply be a matter of a timeout routine not being implemented. That's a feature, not a bug.
    9. That's not terrible. That's a start and no it shouldn't have created an automated log.

    All of the above however doesn't change the fact that you most likely have a borderline dirty/defective disc. Just because 1 software program detects the disc, doesn't mean every other program will/should too. This again comes down to the fact that different software programs behave differently, this doesnt mean either of them are "buggy". Try giving the disc a light cleaning with some mild soap&water and drying gently with a microfibre cloth. Often new discs contain an invisible oily film which can cause read problems.

    Then there's also what Redfox 1 stated, that his worked fine. If the cleaning doesn't work. Exchange the disc and try again (and yes, it's possible the new would is problematic too. New discs come in batches and it's not uncommon for there to be hundreds of defective copies of a title in a single production batch of thousands).
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  19. mmdavis

    mmdavis Well-Known Member

    I am curious if you have played back the iso's made with the other software. Do they play correctly? Are there any skips? Players skip over errors, some software does too. AnyDVD does not. AnyDVD usually has no issues with discs unless it is poorly authored (non standard) or has read errors. They may not be in the main movie, could be in an extra(s).
  20. DrXenos

    DrXenos Well-Known Member

    Pot, meet Kettle.