Not happy at all with paying to be a tester for this product

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by neo4u, Dec 20, 2014.

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    Ripped Star Trek movie to hard drive. clone bd actually began processing without crashing and looked to have completed the whole process including burning the disc. tried the disc in standalone BR player .... nothing .... checked the disc itself using the burner that burned it it would appear to have produced a nice gold coaster for me that a. contains no data. or b. is unreadable. either way its failing again.

    yeah people will say create file then test before burning. but this product is so buggy it should not be offered for full price purchase at this time.

    The very least that should be done is that all who have made full membership purchases should have their accounts held and started from the date their is an actual functioning product.
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    It is a functioning product. I`ve done 22 movies so far and had zero problems. I`ve done them both ways, ripping to hard drive first and also doing the whole process through CloneBD. Use good quality discs and make sure program is set up properly for your particular configuration and everything will be fine. You should not have purchased until it worked well with your system.
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    Try using High to Low (HTL) discs instead of Low to High (LTH), the gold underside ones (which is what I assume you mean by a gold coaster) are notoriously bad for reading and writing
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    I have done dozens of iPhone 6Plus .mp4 movies, excellent quality. :agree:
  5. Tom

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    I need to find out if burner engine has failed or if BDMV structure got damaged by CloneBD. Can you pleas try to "burn" to an ISO image instead, mount it with VCD and check it with a BD player on your PC?

    I agree with you and I'm sure, elby will start with "valid until" countdown not before CloneBD is really stable. Added request [#600]
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    satisfied so far

    i'm a registered and legitimate owner of every product offered on the slysoft download page......including clonebd.......yes i paid full price for the discount.... and while i've only used clonebd on one imax documentary (movie only copy) called "into the wild" the program worked without a's my opinion based on the superior service and technical support, given by slysoft in the past, that any problems that are being experienced by others while using clonebd are sure will be addressed in a prompt and timely manner with newer updates to alleivate these only gripe (minor) is i wish the clonebd product and forum had better information on how to get the most out of this product....