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Not enough free space in CloneDVD_TS


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Apr 6, 2007
I have been using CloneDVD and AnyDvd for some time now to backup various DVDs I own. Today when I try to backup a DVD it immediately tells me that there is not enough space for temporary video files at C:\CloneDvd_TS and to either delete some files or choose another partition to write output files to.

I do not understand what is meant by another partition.

I have the box checked to delete temporary files after writing so it appears to me that my temporary file folder is empty.

I am using CloneDvd

Basically the error message means you don't have enough free space on your hard drive to create the temporary files Clonedvd produces. You can either delete unnecessary files on your currently selected hard drive--or select another drive letter to save the temporary files there instead.
Thanks so much. That certainly makes sense now.